Letter From Olivia September: Back to Life, Back to Reality

Hello Lovely,

It’s officially back to school in a BIG way! I never thought that I would ever be excited about back to school shopping, but this past month, I spent a lot of time prepping for my new job as a guidance counsellor in an elementary school, hence why August saw so little posts and updates. So far I’m almost done with week one of school. I honestly thought that I may have over-prepared but now, within the first three days of school, I can clearly see that I have under-prepared! So if you’re like me, September is going to be all about acing this back-to-school thing! Whether it’s getting and staying organised, meal prepping, outfit planning, or somehow managing to stay in shape through it all, we’re going to talk about it! I’m also excited to share with you some of my activities that I have tried already with the kids. If you are a teacher, counsellor or play therapist, you’ll definitely want to tune in for those posts.

Here’s the rundown:

·       Mondays are for getting your head in the game! So we’ll bring back Motivational Mondays (I know that was a crowd favourite). This can take the form of a devotional, meal plan for the week or simply a lesson plan (play therapy) idea.

·       Tuesdays are for style! While I like to start my week with a bang, some people just aren’t that ready. So you may not look your best on Monday. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make up for it with awesome outfit ideas for the next seven days!

·       Wednesdays, which were usually reserved for “What I’m Wearing Wednesday”, will now serve for hump day motivation! That’s right, FITNESS TIPS are back! We’ll be sharing health and wellness tips and tricks, and a fitness video on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month.

·       After that you’ve got to be thirsty, so it’s time for Thirsty Thursdays! CAUTION: Drink recipes may not always be kid-friendly.

·       And Fridays are for winding down. We’ll be answering any questions you may have about the week, or the upcoming week as well as recounting our favourite moments of the week!

Of course I didn’t forget about your freebies! Your monthly freebie should be here next week. I can’t wait to start sharing with you, so stay tuned!