Love your body: My Favourite Natural Soaps for Nurturing Skin

Hello Lovely,


Being a big supporter of natural skin products, I wanted to try natural soaps.  The first time I used the Sea Salt and Olive Oil soap from Kiss My Face was in 2015. The result was smooth and moisturised skin but also a slippery tub, so be very careful when using oil-based products.  The key to selecting the right natural soap is not only finding your favourite scents (lavender, vanilla, orange) but also the best ingredients for your skin such as:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids - fruit acids which reduce fine lines and provide gentle exfoliation

  • Shea Butter - reduces flaking, redness or peeling

  • Olive Oil – a natural healing oil with vitamin E and antioxidants

  • Sea Salt - can help balance, protect and restore the skin as well as remove irritation

  • Coconut Oil – a nourishing oil that is rich in fatty acids

  • Tea Tree Oil – a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and  antimicrobial Some studies have even shown that Tea Tree Oil is as powerful against acne as benzoyl peroxide

  • Aloe Vera – detoxes you from the inside out as well as an anti-fungal


I’m happy to say that the majority of these ingredients are found in the Nubian Heritage brand.  They have a wide collection including Coconut & Papaya, Carrot & Pomegranate as well as Raw Shea Butter soaps. The company is a firm believer in coconut oil in the majority of its soaps.  I was looking for a moisturising and nourishing cleanser for my skin, minus the harsh chemicals or dyes so I selected the Peppermint & Aloe and Goat’s Milk & Chai soaps based on the ingredients and the effect I wanted on my skin.

The Goat’s Milk & Chai was very nurturing and soothing for my skin.  Having sensitive skin, I was happy to find a soap made specifically for this skin type. The combination of rose petals, extract and water provided a light perfume scent and added a floral feeling to my usual shower.  The combination of goat’s milk, coconut oil and organic Shea butter left my skin feeling soft and supple.

The Peppermint Soap had more of a refreshing effect, with the crushed almonds providing exfoliation.  The baking soda left a squeaky clean feel as its alkaline nature acts as a cleanser and toner for your skin.  I always felt very clean and buffered after using this soap.  The soap also included Aloe juice and Sweet Almond Oil.  


Overall these products have had a better effect on my skin than unnatural, commercial soaps and I wouldn’t turn back.  I used them only on my body, not my face. I would recommend the Kiss My Face and Nubian Heritage brands as good starters but there are many other natural brands out there.  Use the list above to help find the best natural soap for you and give us your review.