Love Your Skin: Ground Coffee Body Scrub


Hello Lovely,

No matter the season, loving our skin is always in!  And what better gift to give this holiday than the gift of glowing skin? The latest body scrub combines 3 amazing ingredients that not only leave your skin feeling silky.  Each of these hold essential properties that give back to our body's biggest organ in effective ways:


·        Coffee -This natural bean contains Caffeine helps tighten the skin, which can help reduce cellulite and improve circulation.  This ingredient can also help reduce stretch marks and varicose veins.

·        Olive Oil –As one of the few oils that can penetrate deeply into your skin it has ultra-moisturising properties and contains three natural antioxidants including Vitamin E which is a top skin care vitamin.

·        Brown Sugar – A 100% natural ingredient with alpha-hydroxy acid, and draws moisture out of the environment and can impart it into the skin.  Brown sugar also improves area of scarring and is ideal for exfoliation.


This scrub is one of my favourite that I've used for years and as my husband would say, leaves the bathroom smelling like Starbucks when I walk out!


Follow this recipe for amazing results:

·        1/2 cup Ground Coffee (I love the smell of Folders' but any brand will do.  You can select between the grades of coffee or types such as roasted, medium, classic, etc.)

·        3/4 cup Olive Oil (This depends on the consistency of the scrub, some prefer thick and some prefer a bit smoother.  Adjust this amount based on your preference.)

·        1/2 cup Brown Sugar


Place oil, coffee and brown sugar in a bowl and mix well.  Sample a small amount onto your hand to test texture and enjoy!  This makes a 1oz batch.

Tips to remember:

·        Remember to apply the scrub in gentle circular motions for best results.

·        The finer the coffee, the smoother it will be applied onto the skin, while the course will be used in bigger chunks as you scrub.

·        An even coffee/sugar ratio works well with gaining the best out of your scrub.

·        It's best to use a scrub once every week or 2 for best results.  Remember to rinse with warm water, pat dry and use a moisturiser afterwards.

·        Coconut Oil is also very nourishing and is my usual go-to for skin care.  Substitute Olive Oil for this.

What are your favourite body scrub recipes? How did your skin feel after using this scrub? Is there anyone you know who would love this as a Christmas gift? Share with us your reaction in the comment section below!