Monthly Roundup: Top 5 Most Popular Blog Posts for June

Hello Lovely,

Today is the last day in June, can you believe it?! June has been a crazy month! There were so many distractions for me, and to be honest, I know I will be struggling with more of the same in July. But it wasn't all bad, and I'm proud of myself for still publishing content that you guys really enjoyed! For the past month, our readers have really enjoyed our discussions on various topics such as healthy lunches, and cool places to hangout on the weekend. As we begin a new month, let's recap our most-read and loved blog posts for the month of June.

Our Top 6 Blog Posts:

1. Brunch and Jazz: Why I'm Super Excited About the Weekend

Brunch is slowly becoming one of my favourite meals, so I couldn't wait to share what and where I ate, and where you could go to hear the best jazz music in The Bahamas.

2. DIY Zipper Ring

When I planned to make this ring months ago, I didn't expect it to take so long to finally make it. But if you've got 10 minutes, trust me you can make this ring too!

3. What I'm Wearing Wednesdays

I was so happy to finally wear my maxi dress that I originally made to wear on my vacation and everyone was wowed by it too!

4. We Made Lunch Exciting with these Chickpea Salad Sandwiches

Say goodbye to boring hummus. These sandwiches make carrying your brown bag lunch cool and in style.

5. WednesDate: Now is Good

It was so cool releasing our newest feature on the blog called WednesDate. Ideally meant for long-distance relationship couples, but still applicable to everyone else, on the last Wednesday of every month, we will feature a unique and romantic experience for all couples. Whether it's a movie, or activity, we'll make falling in love easy!

6. Thirsty Thursdays: Strawberry Lemonade Shandy

Tart, sweet, bubbly, light and refreshing. Strawberry Lemonade shandy just might become your new favourite summer drink.

What were your favourite posts this month? What would you like to see covered on the blog in July? Don't forget we still have an open call for guest contributors on the blog. If you are interested fill out the form below and we'll get back to you for a sample piece!