Motivational Monday: Telling Your Own Story

Hello Lovely,

Last week, I shared my own story and it really seemed to resonate with some people. It felt good to finally get so much of that off my chest. As a therapist, I understand the value of telling your story.

The right words can help us to feel less afraid and less alone. They can help us to realize that we aren't “less than” or somehow unworthy because we’re struggling with anxiety or depression or crippling self-doubt. Someone else has been there, too. They get it, too. And that’s very powerful.

Today, let’s talk about our own stories. Today, I want to encourage you to explore your own story and to use your own words, whether you’re writing this inside a journal or sharing it on your blog. Here’s a list of personal prompts you can respond to, which help you delve into the world of you:

  • Write about a dream you've never told anyone about.
  • Write about something you've been struggling with for many years and where you’re at with it today.
  • Write about something you’re wearing right now that’s really special to you.
  • Write about something in your bedroom that’s really special to you.
  • Write about the thoughts you have that scare you, the thoughts that surprise you, and the thoughts that delight you.
  • Write about a meal you’ll never forget.
  • Write about a 5-minute moment in your life.
  • Write about a lesson you learned. The hard way.
  • Write about a song you've always loved.
  • Write about a wish you wished didn't come true.
  • Write about something you’d like to make with your hands and why it’s so important.
  • Write about a time you felt deeply lonely, at a cellular level.
  • Write about your love for something or someone.
  • Write about a feeling you can’t shake.
  • Write about your best adventure yet.
  • Write about a lie you told—white lie or big lie or something in between.
  • Write about your soul. If your soul were a place, what images and words would someone find inside?
  • Write about a delicious moment you experienced, whether it involves food or not.
  • Write about a memory involving you and your most favourite person.
  • Write about a time when you felt lost.
  • Write about how you see yourself.
  • Write about how you think others see you.
  • Write about one of the first things you ever created.
  • Write about a night-time dream you keep having. It’s OK if you can’t remember everything. Simply list the bits and pieces that you can.
  • Write about the street you lived on as a child and how it did—or didn't—shape you.
  • Write about the times you felt like a failure.
  • Write about the times you've felt on top of the world.
  • Write about a personal story that one or two people only know about.

Share your story in the comment section or the form below and feel free to stay anonymous if that makes you feel better!

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