My 2018 Christmas Wrapping Paper

Hello Lovely,

I have a habit of hoarding craft supplies. I love all things gift bags, gift tags, and the fun embellishments you can use to make them all pretty.  The only problem is, when it’s time to actually use them, I honestly struggle with giving it away. Leave it to me to buy or keep a gift bag/box for the sole purpose of using to have something nice to give gifts in, and I don’t like parting with it. I’m working on it, guys, I promise! At Christmas time, something I’m trying to do now is have a themed wrapping paper. Why buy sub-standard or pricey wrapping paper at the store when you can make it yourself at half the cost. Giving a gift is great, but the time and care that goes into creating custom wrapping paper for the holidays really adds a special touch!


The best part of this DIY wrapping paper is you can customise it any way you want. I love a minimalist look when it comes to gift wrapping, fussy designs are just gross to me. But trust me, despite how simple the design is, it’s really the thought that counts. I wanted trees, but if you do this, you can use anything! Did you notice my DIY Glitter Monogrammed Gift Tag in the photos?



  • Black bulletin board

  • 2 inch Christmas tree cutouts (white)

  • glue stick

  • tape

  • scissors 


First begin by rolling out your paper on a large clean surface.  You can either start with one large piece or cut pieces to size and create them then. 

For the first present I wrapped, I laid my trees out in a design, glued them down, then wrapped the gift. This was a bad idea, because when it came time to fold corners and cut excess, I lost a tree.

So I would suggest wrapping the present first, then placing your cutouts in your desired pattern. This way, everything is displayed nicely without getting cut off.


I am in no way the greatest wrapper of all time (see what I did there) but I can manage and I think my gifts look rather chic this year. What do you think? Would you make your own wrapping paper or is that just too tedious for you?