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It’s quickly heating up here so it’s time for a wardrobe change. I wanted to drop by and share my current summer shopping list.  I know many of you have been requesting summer dress recommendations and hot crop top options — hopefully, this little list can be a great starting point. It also gives you more insight into where I shop!


Trendy summer accessories may come and go, but every once in a while, one arrives that has total staying power: Meet Target’s wine cooler fanny pack.

OK, OK, it’s not *only* meant to carry wine, but its insulated design makes it the perfect portable cooler for everything from beach snacks to chilled cans of rosé. In fact, the dimensions—13.5 by 4 inches—make it big enough to accommodate a mini bottle of vino, too. And it’s hands-free, so it’s easy to tote from the patio to the pool.

As for the colour palette, you’ve got two choices: One with a grapefruit motif and one with more of an iridescent mermaid effect. (Come on, you can’t go wrong.)

Even better is the price point. The cost per fanny pack is just $6, which means you can buy them in bulk or plan to have extras on hand or distribute to friends. - Courtesy of Pure Wow!

I just purchased 5 of these for myself and friends. I can’t wait to pick it up on Friday!


I’m sure you’ve seen bamboo bags everywhere this season. From style bloggers to fashion magazines and everywhere in between, these funky, unique bags are making a splash, especially in our spring break and summer vacay wardrobes. For the record there’s nothing new about this bag, as it’s already a year old, but it’s still going strong. I think Cult Gaia started this iconic show stopping trend, but there’s no way I’m spending $128 on a handbag. I hardly use handbags. So when I found a cheaper version of the same bag on Amazon, I immediately added it to my cart. I can’t wait to receive it and review it for you guys!

conch pearl earrings.jpg

This one I fell in love with from Shop The CC, and had to buy immediately because the price was a steal! It’s only $20 and you should totally pick up a pair for yourself if there are any more available. If there isn’t, she’s got a lot of beautiful pieces under $30. Her online store is or you can visit the brand new physical store located on Mackey Street between Madeira and Rosetta Street.

Colour Wax is relatively new and I’m all for it! I first learned about it from the video above that Whitney (Naptural85) made. My hair does not like any kind of hair dye because it’s low porosity, so dyeing my hair is just damage waiting to happen. What exactly is hair colour wax? It’s one of the latest temporary hair colour trends that is definitely better than permanent dyes that contain harsh ingredients like ammonia (more on this in just a bit). And, if you’re a colour addict, it’s a great way to literally go from purple to white to intense red hair, all within a matter of a few days, without totally damaging your lustrous locks in the process.

hello sunshine hat.jpg

With the right hairstyle I can actually rock a hat (natural hair struggles). And I love the look of embroidered sun hats, so I’m totally crushing on one right now. I’m definitely going to look for one when I go because I’m totally hitting up the beach a lot this summer! Check out this Take Me Away hat and Hello Sunshine Hat that I’m loving!



Before I go, I wanted to share some news. Since we’re talking about shopping and places to shop, I just signed up for a new service from Amazon, seriously is there anything Amazon doesn’t do? There’s a new service called The Drop. It’s appeal is that you receive a text message with deets about the new “drop” of fashion curated by global fashion influencers. Shop The Drop From Your Phone.

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What are you guys crushing on this summer? Don’t forget to check out the links I included. They’re all affiliate links so if you buy something, I’ll get a little something out of it, which helps me eat…so…..get clicking!