My Favourite Shade of Lipstick

Hello Lovely,

For some time now, I've noticed that I tend to gravitate towards a particular shade of lipstick. In fact, I still remember borrowing my mum's lipstick until she got me my very own MAC lipstick. I started wearing lipstick at either 17 or 18, after graduating high school, then stopped for awhile because my boyfriend at the time didn't like it. But after that relationship ended, and I remembered that I have a right to be awesome, I didn't care what anyone else thought, I wanted to wear lipstick! Not lip gloss (I hate that stuff) and no more chapstick. It was a "I am Woman, Hear me Roar" kind of moment! After having this Coming-to-Jesus moment about lipstick, I had to find the right shade.

I never liked red lipsticks because I felt they aged me. And in a world that's main focus seems to be on maintaining a youthful appearance, I did not want to look like a 30 year old when I was only 21. I started off with various shades of pink, before moving back home and finding the perfect lipstick! It was called "Very Berry" by NYX. It was a beautiful burgundy/purple shade. Like a very deep red wine. I loved that lipstick! It made me look sophisticated while still maintaining a youthful appearance. I wore it EVERY DAY! So much so that even when I ran out, I used a Q-Tip to scrape the bottom of it and apply it. I was devastated when I could no longer find this particular shade in that brand. Until I discovered a similar shade in NK Lipstick. It was close, yet different, because there was a little more shine to it than in the NYX.

Lately, I wanted to try something different, so I bought a Matte lipstick by L.A. Girls. I had never tried matte before, and while I prefer a little more shine in my lip colour, this is by far, my new favourite lipstick at just over $9 per stick (a significant increase of $6 over the NK lipstick). I think the shade compliments the colour of my skin perfectly by giving off a modest sexy look. I've come to prefer this colour over pinks, because I feel that they make me look like a clown sometimes. And anyone who knows me, knows how much I hate clowns! Sometimes I'll mix it with an NK lipstick for more shine, or to lighten it to match my outfit, but lately, I've just been wearing it by itself. I feel like a badass celebrity in this lipstick. Like Rihanna or  something.

What's your favourite shade of lipstick and brand? Do you match your lip colour with your outfit like me, or do you just stick to your favourite shade? Share your favourite lipstick and colours in the comment section below.