My Favourite Sunglasses to Rock

Hello Lovely,

Summer is coming, and we all know there is no hotter accessory than a cute pair of sunglasses to block out the sun and the haters! My personal favourite design is the cat-eye because I like the way it frames my face and I think they give off just the right amount of attitude!

I have two pairs of sunglasses that I rotate often. The black pair, trimmed in gold is usually paired with dark coloured outfits; while the gold pair goes with literally everything else. See for yourself!

I would be so heartbroken if something happened to these two, but I’m totally open to expanding this little collection. I’m totally inspired by these sunglasses and hoping to find something similar real soon.

What’s your favourite style of Sunglasses? Tell me below in the comment section and be sure to capture your fabulous look for everyone to see!

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