My Favourite YouTube Workout Videos

Hello Lovely,

While I was on holiday over the Easter Break I needed to maintain my workout routine. Without my trainer, I had to go back to at home workouts with YouTube. What I love about YouTube is you can find everything on it! Want to know how to cook chicken? Go to YouTube. Want to know how to contour and apply makeup? Go to YouTube. Want to know how to break into someone’s house? Go to YouTube. Seriously there’s nothing you can’t find on this site. That’s why I love having options with my workouts. Some days I feel like doing a toning Barre workout, most days I want some kind of dance. This list shares links to 10 videos I have tried and love! I love to dance because it makes working out fun. My style of workout is strength training with low impact cardio so you won’t find any intense TRX or HIIT videos on this list, but you’ll never be bored! Let’s get physical!

30-Minute No-Equipment Abs and Butt-Toning Workout

Get ready to build your curves with “Queen of Home Workouts” Brittne Babe. The combinations of no-equipment moves like killer planks, scissor crunches, and leg lifts will have your abs and booty burning like crazy.

30-Minute Hip-Hop Tabata to Torch Calories

Dance away calories with this hip-hop Tabata from Keaira LaShae. Tuck jumps have never been so fun.

30-Minute Dancehall Inspired Workout | #DanceFitness

Feel di riddim with this fun, easy to follow dancehall inspired workout. Burn anywhere between 300-500 calories in just 30 minutes! 🔥 Make sure you stretch, drink plenty of water and move at your own pace. Let's dance!

Are you ready to burn calories with this 30-minute Caribbean dance workout? Led by Selena Watkins and based on her Socanomics class, this cardio dance workout will have you moving to the music as you tone your abs, booty, and arms. Grab a towel or flag and turn your living room into a dance floor.
Today, you get to dance and jump it out with Aubre Winters, founder of Sweat Sessions! This workout is going to get your heart rate up and tone your body with some barre moves. Get ready to have a blast while you burn a ton of calories.
Have a blast while you burn calories with this belly dancing workout from Leilah Isaac. No dance experience required - just get ready to have a blast while you tone your core.
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FUN AFRICAN INSPIRED DANCE PARTY WORKOUT that's great cardio and burns lots of calories. Do this workout 3 times a week for BEST RESULTS!