My Go-To Snacks On-The-Go

Hello Lovely,

What’s a girl to do when she’s on the go on an early Saturday morning, with no breakfast and a salon appointment (and you ladies know how long these appointments can take)? Grab a few healthy snacks, of course!  With the length and thickness of my locs, my salon appointments last an average of 4 – 5 hours to ensure it’s fully dried and styled.  At first, the length of time seemed totally un-doable and when I worked shifts, it seemed to take up my whole day.  But over the past year I’ve really adjusted to the time duration and found constructive ways to pass the time. 

During this time I’m typically gazing and texting on my cell phone, reading a book/magazine or watching whatever is on the television at the time.  But let’s face it, by the third hour, I’m starving! So to prepare such a long time period, picking the right type of snack. To ensure I remain full during this time I would bring a sub, water and snacks because I KNOW I’ll be hungry but most times a mix of fruits and snacks will do if I’ve eaten earlier, just to keep me going.

So what are my go-to snacks for when I’m on the go?

Fruits – mainly bananas (for protein and its density) and pears (provides hydration).  I like apples but the store I stop to near the salon has better prices on the above fruits and not apples.  Recently I tried a nectarine, which is a combination of sweet, juicy and firm

Chips – I’m a sucker for Lay’s White Cheddar, so when I do eat potato chips (which is once every 2 weeks or so, although I shouldn’t be eating them), I would grab this flavour because it’s such a rare find.  My preference is pure vegetable chips such as beets, carrots, plantain and sweet potato (such as the Terra brand chips).  Following suit, I tried Cassava chips recently and found them to be thin, light and crunchy.  They were lightly salted and had full sizes instead of a lot of smaller, broken pieces.

Nuts – I LOVE raw nuts. I love food with nuts in it: the Dairymaid Whole Nut bar, the sprinkled walnuts on a carrot cake, walnut brownies; you name it and I’m a fan.  Cashews and almonds are my top two but I also like pistachios.  I would purchase small bags of these to eat on the go (to work, at work, at home, etc.).  They usually make me thirsty so I keep my water nearby.

Trail Mixes – This is a snacky combination of sweet & salty, and the great thing is that with so many varieties including tropical mix, with chocolate, with fruits (cranberries or banana chips); you’re sure to find the right mix for you.  There are even flavours like garlic and Cajun as well as themed packs such as energy and protein so there’s really something for everyone.  I like mixes with a bit more sweet items such as coconut flakes, dried cranberries and papaya.  Recently I tried a new mix: Cashew Snack Mix by Imperial Nuts.  At $1.70 for a 30z. bag, it was a pretty good deal! Although it was on the dry/salty side, I must say the ingredients were full sized and well rationed.  Most times cashews are found broken and in small amounts when included in a mix but Imperial Nuts delivered.

Dried Fruit – Since college I have been an avid lover of banana chips, so much so that I stalled out on them because I had too much! Lol ☺  Since this I’ve found other favourites such as cranberries, mango and papaya. 

Let’s remember to stay hydrated!

Once you have your goodies bag in hand you can’t go wrong.  Select the types of items that would keep you energised, hydrated and satisfied until you’re able to grab your next meal.  Often a mix of two fruits and at least 2 of the other items are enough to keep you for approximately 4 hours.  What are your usual on the go snacks? Do you prefer salty or sweet?