My Quick Spring Home Refresh On A Budget

Hello Lovely,

Happy Friday ya’ll! There's nothing like a little home refresh to brighten my day! I’ve been stay with my boyfriend for two weeks and while it’s not my house, we are sharing the space. And trust me, men don’t realise how horrible their life is without a woman to fix everything (or maybe they do and that’s why they work so hard to trap us). The house is nice, but it was empty. No colour, no character, no story. I told him about my intent to decorate and he told me to “do my thing”. I leave tomorrow and even though I haven’t done much, I’m still proud of what I did accomplish.


I bought Homebody by Joanna Gaines from JoAnn’s for $25 and studied the first three chapters that same weekend. I needed inspiration and ideas for transforming the space but I was doing everything on a major budget. I’m the girlfriend, not the wife and I still don’t officially live here so there was no need to go crazy.

I checked out a local thrift shop, called PTA Thrift Shop and The Dollar Tree for decor items that fit within my budget. I chose the PTA Thrift Shop because when I looked them up, I liked that they support education. It wasn’t the only store I picked, it was just the only one we made it to. I also had my eye on Pennies For Change (because they support domestic violence shelters), but I had met my budget after visiting the first thrift shop, JoAnn’s and TJ Maxx. Maybe when I come back in the summer we can check them out.

I loved PTA though. There was a wide selection as it’s a really big store. I loved that dinning chairs were as little as $3 but they didn’t have a matching pair and my boyfriend insisted that even if they did, they wouldn’t fit in his car. My only regrets were not getting the African woman painting and not looking for vintage books that I could re-cover and use as decorations. I found some throw pillows, glassware and a large abstract painting for only $10 that really brightens the living room. I picked up a ceramic ramkein for mini desserts, two ceramic mini vases and some weights for exercise. Total bill was only $26! Now that’s MY kind of thrifting!

The first thing I tackled was the dinning table. It’s a small table because he lives alone, but that’s what I loved about it. The smaller the table the less work it required. It only needed two place settings so I picked a silver charger, a marble plate and beautiful teal ceramic dish with light wood detailing. I loved how the three plates looked together. Back home one place setting would’ve cost me nearly $20, but at the Dollar Tree each setting only cost $3 each. The wine glasses were only $1 each. The vase was $1 and the stems are four bunches at $1 each. the Spanish moss came from Walmart for just $6.77 for a decent sized bag (I couldn’t even use all so there’s plenty leftover).


I didn’t see any napkins (or I forgot to look, I can’t remember) so the plates were the extent of my place setting, but this was an inspiration for me for Easter had I found napkins. I was upset that I could only find a vinyl tablecloth at Walmart, but the colour was perfect. It gave everything an earthy but bright feeling.

The wood slice was only $4.99 from TJ Maxx and the cake stand is the Sweet Tooth Fairy Magic Sweets Stand from JoAnn’s on clearance for $15.

The wood slice was only $4.99 from TJ Maxx and the cake stand is the Sweet Tooth Fairy Magic Sweets Stand from JoAnn’s on clearance for $15.

Then It was on to the living room. I didn’t do much work here, because I wasn’t trying to tackle everything at once. For starters the coffee table is brown but all the other furniture is black. The sofa and chair are a dark black and purple/burgundy (depending of the light) colour. It’s so dark that decorating with throw pillows and a throw were really difficult. I struggled to find colours that brightened the room, yet complimented the couch. The small cushion was only $1 and the faux fur throw was only $16.99 from TJ Maxx. I didn’t expect to find a faux fur throw so cheap. The candle holder was only $8 on clearance from JoAnn’s and I filled it with LED candles from The Dollar Tree (score!).

before + after.png

So what’s my total damage? So far we’re at $75 for the table setting and living room. I’m not including the other items I picked up but don’t have on display like 2 mason jar glasses and 2 baking dishes from the Dollar Tree, $2 wine glasses and a $1 mini ramekin from the thrift store, and a $16 ceramic baking dish from Walmart.

My next focus is wall art but that’s going to take some time because I have massive anxiety. I printed some artwork and put it in frames but I’m not sure about where or how to put it up. It feels like such a permanent decision so I don’t want to do it arbitrarily. I’ll probably pick up there when I return in the summer and change the colour of the comforter and get new pillows. Trust me the money I’ve invested is nothing in comparison to what my boyfriend has put into this house. The appliances and furniture were a good start. He’s looking forward to tackling landscaping, bless his heart.


What do you think of the changes I’ve made so far? Do you like the new decor or would you have taken a different route? Tell me what you think in the comment section below!