Turn Up The Volume!


In my second instalment of Hair Education Week, we're talking Volume! And in this instance, more is definitely more! Volume refers to combination of your hair density and the diameter of your individual strands. How many hair strands you have per square inch (2cm) of your scalp determines your density. We wouldn't recommend counting but suffice to say density relates to your hair’s volume. The width of your individual strands, porosity and hair texture also play a part in your hair’s volume.

We decided to organize content on the site by Volume meaning you can find content related to your hair’s overall appearance in “Fine,” “Regular” and “Thick”.

• In the Fine section you’ll find content pertaining to naturals with a combination of low density and/or thin individual hair strands.
• In the Regular section you’ll find content pertaining to naturals with a combination of medium density and/or average diameter hair strands.
• In the Thick section (this is where I fall under) you’ll find content pertaining to naturals with a combination of high density and/or coarse individual strands.

Hope we haven’t confused ya! If not let’s get to it. How do you determine your hair’s density? Read on…


There’s two ways to check whether your hair has low density and therefore is on the finer side. If you’re a straight natural and your hair is long enough to get into a ponytail, measure the circumference. If it’s 2″ or less then you have Fine hair. For curly naturals, take a look at your parts the next time you do two strand twists. Can you see your scalp easily? If so, you have less hair follicles per square inch hence the ability to see your scalp easily. Finer haired naturals should go easy on the amount of product they use when styling. You don’t want to weigh your hair down. To create the illusion of more volume, pinned up hairstyles are your best friend!


When examining your scalp to determine your hair density it’s always best to do it when your hair is dry. Wet hair can look thinner / limper than it really is. Don’t play yourself! The average person has 2,200 hairs per square inch – this is where you guys fall. When your hair is in two strand twists you’ll probably only see your scalp here and there. As like before, straight naturals can throw up a ponytail and measure its circumference. Two to four inches is considered Regular / average in terms of density. You aren't too limited with the products you can use or the hairstyles you can achieve – you lucky dog!


Now my Thick sistas have a lot going on up top. When you do two strand twists the parts are tight and narrow. Hardly any scalp is visible. You have way more than 2,200 hair follicles per square inch. We’re talking 140,000 hair strands total on your entire head (100,000 is the average / 80,000 is less than average). Now you know why it takes so long to do those darn twist outs! If your hair is straight then your ponytail’s circumference is 4″ or more. You may need to use heavier products to hold all those curls in place. You can cut your hair into layers to reduce some of the volume.