Our Christmas Wishlist

Hello Lovely,

Last month, we shared on how October is so close to December, we're already in a Christmas mood. So now that it's November, we're practically jumping out of our Christmas stockings. We are loving the end of extreme heat and slight chill in the night air (haven't needed to use our AC's at home for at least a month). So now that we're getting closer to the Christmas season, we want to be as proactive as possible. Everyone hates the last minute rush to the stores during the holiday season, so we're making it easier for Old St. Nick this year by sharing our Christmas wishlist early.

Items in this set

A new camera: I've been wanting a new camera for a few months now. I love my Nikon D3100, but it's so outdated, I definitely feel left behind. This Christmas, it's time for an upgrade (something Nikon of course)

Lighting equipment: Time changing means one thing: Less light in the mornings. The lighting has been so unpredictable lately that there are a lot of great recipes I never photographed. I also need new tripods after my last one magically broke this Sunday. And since I broke the backup tripod earlier this year, I pretty much need new everything!

New luggage: I've had my current luggage set since 2011. That's not a bad thing if they were all still in tact. But of course the baggage handlers don't care about our problems so my suitcases (a gorgeous zebra set with pink trim) is so dirty and torn, I can't even use it any more. So this year before my Christmas trip, I'd love a new luggage set. One of those hard shell ones that's indestructable with a pretty design and wheels that roll in any direction (because I always have too much crap on me while travelling). 

Authentic Wooden Salt & Black Pepper grinders - perfect for adding a touch of decor and elegance to the dining experience.  I prefer using whole /fresh seasonings where possible and this would be perfect for the whole sea salt I use daily.

UV Lamp Light for Nails - I love nails but I'm constantly looking for ways to reduce the drying process as I am a bit impatient.  These UV Lamp Lights are a timesaver and worth the cost.


A collection of Essential Oils - Oils such as jojoba, lavender, tea tree, rosemary, peppermint, Vitamin E and Ylang Ylang are effective for hair and skin in its most natural form. They also smell Awesome!


We want them all? Is that selfish? You can't expect us to choose just one gift can you? Which item would be on the top of your wish list this season?