Our Favourite TV Shows of All Time

Hello Lovely,

Even in The Bahamas, where the weather barely changes, there's something in the air that makes us want to pull out our blankets, tuck our legs into the couch, and dive into a show this time of year with a glass of wine and our favourite snacks. There are plenty of new shows we're looking forward to watching this season, but today we're discussing the tried-and-true classics that are our all-time favourites to either binge watch, or watch on repeat and never get tired of. If you're looking for a series to get into, look no further! 

1.     Golden Girls

Nevermind the fact that I know every episode verbatim, I’ve been watching The Golden Girls since primary (elementary) school and I just cannot get enough of it! I remember not understanding what impotent meant as a child when one of Rose’s boyfriends revealed he was, so I missed some of the jokes entirely, but everything else I understood. I love the wit and friendship and it’s probably why I love cheesecake so much. I’ve always thought of myself as a Blanche (who doesn’t have a deep-rooted desire to be adored by dozens of men) but a personality test revealed that I’m actually more of a Rose, which I don’t mind because I’m, “the one everyone wishes they could be” and out of everyone she’s still alive in real life.

2.    Law & Order SVU

Everyone knows the Law & Order theme song. Once I hear those notes, my eyes are glued to the screen. I remember when I first met my boyfriend, how upset I was that he did not have USA at the time so that I could watch Law & Order (I could be on vacation and still want to watch it). I catch every Sunday marathon (back and forth between the football games of course) and strive to be a girl boss like Olivia Benson (I’m sure it’s no coincidence that we share the same name and her last name is my dad’s first name). However, I’m sure after watching this show for so many years, I know how to commit a crime and get away with it (shoutout to How to Get Away with Murder for the added tips, hollah)!

3.    Orange is the New Black

Who doesn’t love a good story about a bunch of women in prison fighting the system? All fun and jokes aside this show really has taught me to be more empathetic towards prisoners because while murder and other forms of crime are wrong, the reason behind the act isn’t always so sinister and is deserving of some compassion. This is one of those shows that lures you in with jokes and pop culture references, forces you to develop a bond with a lovable character only to kill them off a season later. It’s hurtful, but I keep coming back for more, because every finale leaves you with questions that you demand answers for. #JusticeForPoussey

4.    Scandal

Another “Olivia” repping it for girl bosses around the world. If any show has it’s finger on the pulse of current events, it’s this show and Law & Order SVU. I love to see how they intertwine what’s happening in the real world into their fictional show, always giving the characters depth while educating us at the same time.  I never thought I would side with the mistress on anything, but this girl has me rooting her every step of the way! Even during down moments in the show’s plot, you stick with it because Shonda clearly had a troubled childhood and wants to make us suffer as much as she has with her left field plot twists. SPOILER ALERT: First of all #MellieForPresident, because the woman has suffered enough; Cyrus would make a horrible Vice President to anyone because he only cares about himself; Quinn and Huck need to accept their inevitable fate of love and Olivia and Fitz need to stop playing around with my emotions and just get back together.

5.     Gossip Girl

I genuinely don’t know how I got so obsessed with this show, but it’s one of those things that just happened. Somehow I was able to identify with these characters and secretly want to be more like Blair Waldorf (the girl has skills on the KGB level). P.S. By the start of the last season, it becomes clear who Gossip Girl really is and you just want to kill them yourself.

1.      The Americans:  Enter the spy world from a Russian perspective, settled in an American culture and you've got non-stop action, intensity, drama and espionage.

2.     Quantico: A CIA/FBI thriller involving recruits, agents and a twisted storyline from beginning to end.  Every week it asks the question who is ally or foe? Spy or Bystander?

3.     How to Get Away with Murder: Lawyers with instinctive and out-of-the-box methods to solve and win a case, will keep you on your toes and learning new law phrases.  The inverted storyline also leaves you grasping for more week-to-week.

4.     American Dad: Roger's never-ending list of characters, Steve's awkward phase through puberty and Stan's humour keeps this show hilarious!  This show is the opposite of a remote changer.

5.     Bob's Burgers: The Belcher family is one full of laughs, interesting burgers and a very crafty Louise (with the signature pink bunny ears).


There were definitely some favourites that didn’t make the list but we don’t love them any less. Did your favourite make our list? Do you think we left something out? Share your all-time favourite TV shows with us in the comment section below!