Spiced Pear Bellini Recipe

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What better way to celebrate the beginning of November than with a drink? Over the last decade the festive food from Thanksgiving is becoming an important tradition for us in The Bahamas even though we don’t celebrate it. We call it Harvest and really are just grateful for a day completely dedicated to pigging out. So it’s been really fun for me to taste and try new Thanksgiving recipes. So when I saw a recipe for a Spiced Pear Bellini, I just had to try it!

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The traditional Bellini recipe is made with peach nectar, making this pear based cocktail perfect for all your winter celebrating needs. Despite the fancy name, this recipe requires 4 simple ingredients: A bottle of your favourite champagne, another bottle of pear nectar (or two, you may want to double the batch if you are having lots of guests over), a few cinnamon sticks and some ground cardamom are all you need to give your guests a touch of holiday love. 

What’s great about serving a Bellini or mimosa at a party is that it helps you to stretch the champagne a little further. You also don’t have to buy top of the line brands since the pear juice will give whatever sparkling wine you are pairing with it a little help in the quality department. 

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Spiced Pear Bellini Recipe


  • 5 cinnamon sticks

  • 2 (33.8 oz) bottles of pear nectar (about 9 1/2 cups)

  • 2 tsp ground cardamom

  • 6 bottles of Prosecco or other sparkling wine, chilled


  1. Place the cinnamon on a cutting board.

  2. With the flat side of a Chef's knife, press down to break the sticks or give it a whack with the heel of your hand like you do with garlic you are trying to take out of the skin.

  3. To a saucepan, add the broken cinnamon, cardamom, sugar and pear nectar.

  4. Cook on high heat until boiling.

  5. Turn off heat and cover.

  6. Let sit for at least an hour.

  7. Strain out the large pieces of cinnamon as you pour in to a pitcher or other large container to cool.

  8. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

  9. Pour about an ounce of spiced pear juice in to a glass and top with sparkling wine.

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