Style Tips: How to Go From Desk to Drinks

Olivia Russell – Founder & Creator of Life By Olivia

For me, going from work to happy hour means being prepared. So I pick the kind of outfit that requires the least amount of transition. Depending on whom I’m meeting and where, I may wear a dress under a skirt to create dynamic layers and contrast, or dress up my favourite pair of jeans. My office doesn't really do ‘Casual Friday’, so we kind of rebel by wearing jeans but it does make the transition much easier. I hate having to stop home to change or go to the bathroom to change. At the most, I’ll swap out a few pieces or just add more jewellery.

 So what are my essentials? I always carry my makeup bag to add a quick touch of concealer, fresh lipstick and mascara, if necessary. I carry flats, because sometimes, you just never know what will happen or where the night will take you. If I remember, I bring body spray so I can stay fresh. Helpful items to have on hand include mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste, extra cash in case of emergencies and even a change of underwear if bathrooms are your enemy once you’ve been drinking.


Beka LouiseBeauty Blogger for Life By Olivia

Personally being a nurse means that if I’m going out to happy hour straight from work then I have to take a full change of clothes to work with me. It also helps me feel a lot fresher after a full day of work and feel a little bit more prepared for the night. However if you’re lucky enough to have a job where you can dress a little bit more ready to go straight to happy hour then here is what I’d do. Personally I’d make sure I was wearing an outfit that allowed me to look presentable and professional enough for work but also casual and comfortable enough for happy hour! If you don’t have enough to completely refresh the makeup, then a little bit of powder and a retouch of blusher really goes a long way, but my must have for my makeup transitioning is always a good lipstick because it totally transforms your face ready for the night.

 A favourite perfume is always a good way to feel a little bit fresher, along with a nice handbag and maybe some little accessories that you feel comfortable enough in such as a scarf or a necklace that you’d be able to slip on while you’re on your way!


How do you transition from daytime work wear to night time party time, and what are you essentials? We'd love for you to share with us your tips and techniques, and hope our tips helped you!

Have a great weekend!