27 Never Looked So Good

Hello Lovely,

You know you're doing well when you go to your pastor for your birthday blessing and he says, "So how old are you today? 20? 21?" And when you tell him you're actually 27, he's genuinely shocked! I'll admit, I had some anxieties about this birthday (like I do every year) for a number of reasons. Getting older means, I'm one year closer to the age I promised I'd settle down at and that is frightening because some days I'm still burning the coffee. No one is ever perfect at this thing called life. Most days I make it up as I go, and I'm glad it's worked out thus far. That's not to say I don't have a plan in place, but if it's anything I've learned, it's that NOTHING in life goes according to plan.

My social circle has changed a lot since moving back home 5 years ago. This year I spent it with some friends from church (just like last year) with a few different faces, but I felt nothing but love. It all started last weekend at my friend Telia's birthday party. She rented a party bus and that's all I can tell you because what happens on the party bus, stays on the party bus!

Last Friday, a friend of mine took me to AquaFire Grill, which I now know is not the same as the Aqua restaurant in The Hilton. It has a gorgeous setup, perfect for a romantic date, so it felt a little odd to be there with my married friend. But it was quaint and quiet, with nice service and exceptional food! A little pricey, but totally worth it if you ever want to treat someone. That was the nicest part of the evening. We spent the rest of the night getting tipsy in Compass Point with a few friends and then sharing a few laughs in the parking lot after they closed. I needed a good laugh so this was the perfect start to my birthday!

I was supposed to go a party on Saturday night, but I ended up being so hungover from Friday night (best sleep I've ever gotten though) I cancelled with my friends and went to the Greek Festival on Sunday instead.

It was my first time going to the Greek festival which I learned happens bi-annually. Upon entering the festival, my friend Krista and I got two free Aliv sim cards. I already have an Aliv phone so I plan on using the free one as a gift. I met up with three other friends and we had a great time exploring the Greek culture through it's food and music. I fell in love with the Loukoumades. Don't ask me to pronounce it, but it's delicious! If you've never had it, it's delicious fried dough (like a doughnut) topped with honey, walnuts and cinnamon. I don't even like nuts and I didn't know nuts were in it. I tried another dish with grilled octopus and chickpeas, calimari (that was a little too fresh for my taste) and spinach rice. I also tried another pastry that looked like a mini twist, which was actually a cookie with chocolate and regular sugar cookie intertwined. It was delicious! The food was way too expensive, but my friends and I shared. I'm still upset that I spent $6 for one beer, but even the beer was good!

I loved the bargain stalls. My friend Krista bought a ring for $2, my friend Glenise bought a mortar and pestle a and wooden salad tongs for $1 each, while I bought four cookbooks at $1 each! I'm literally at the age where cookbooks and glassware excite me. But  I can't wait to try all of the recipes in them!

I got so much rest this weekend, I didn't know what to do with myself. Granted it was because I was physically incapable of doing anything else, it still felt good to sleep in and sleep all day. I had forgotten how good it feels to just do nothing! I haven't slept on a weekend in months! I had a great birthday! I am so grateful to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday and all of my friends and family who worked so hard to make my birthday very special!


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