Wine Lovers Rejoicenli


I consider myself a wino at heart. I’m not the most versed in the various regions, etiquettes or flavours of wine in general, but I do enjoy a nice glass or five every now and then. I know that doctors claim that red wine is better for women’s health and I’m supposed to be this health nut, but I absolutely despise red wine! This won’t stop me from enjoying a Berry Sangria (I prefer it over white), but I will always choose a white wine or a pink moscato. I like sweet wines that are fruity and not dry.

So when I heard there would be a wine tasting at a local wine shop, I couldn’t resist. For years I’ve wanted to expand my pallet and try wines and other spirits from all around the world! So a free wine tasting seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

Young’s started business in 2011 as a Champagne specialist but over the years our portfolio has increased to include Red and White Burgundy, Italian Reds, whites and dessert wines and Artisanal liquors as well as Evian and Badoit bottled water. They offer private space rental, local retail and distribution and can help you choose wines for gifts, pair wines with your dinner or answer any questions that you might have. The atmosphere in Young’s Fine Wine (located in the Sandyport Plaza opposite Twisted Lime) is archetypal of a French Christmas. It literally smells like Christmas Pine in there thanks to custom scents in their reed diffusers, strategically placed around the room (it even convinced me to one of my own for my desk at work).  The French designs are evident throughout the boutique adding to the authentic feel. It was wall to wall wines and spirits with a beautifully stocked bar and vintage (almost functioning) cash register. The staff is beyond sweet and friendly and could probably convince you to buy anything. The cheese display was lovely with my favourite of the night being the goat cheese with blueberries. It genuinely tasted like cheesecake and paired well with every wine I drank for the night.

Stefon Lockhart, the assistant manager gave me the grand tour. He explained to me the region they import their wine from, the best times of the year to drink particular types and flavours of wine and why they are so passionate about their craft. They carry products from France, Italy and America, but most of the wine comes from Bourgeoisie France. Each supply is replenished by annual trips to the vineyards to handpick each new stock. My favourite wine of the night was the L’oeuvre de Perraud (a French wine) and my favourite spirit of the night (which would make the perfect Christmas present, along with a wine rack) was the Afrohead. Fun fact, the Afrohead is actually a product of Harbour Island (one of our many islands here in the Bahamas). The dark rum was aged 15 years! How’s that for putting hairs on your chest? The best part, it actually gets smoother with age.

I had a great time at the event with my friends. It was fun mingling with the other guests, trading stories and life hacks and listening to old Blue Eyes. It even encouraged me to enrol in a free online course to learn more about wine and wine-making (which I'm doing pretty well in by the way)! I can’t wait for their next event and I implore you to take the time to visit them! You’ll love it! If you’re intimidated by a French wine boutique, don’t think you have to pay French wine boutique prices. There are wines reasonably priced for $15 per bottle. They’ll even put your bottle in a wine crate for an extra special gift!

The boutique is open from 11am to 5pm Monday, 11am to 6pm Tuesday – Friday and 12pm to 5pm Saturday. For more information, give them a call at 242-601-0021 or 242-359-2812 and tell them Life by Olivia sent you!