The Best Gift For A Literary Lover In Your Life

Hello Lovely,

I know I can be pretty boujee at times but now you guys are going to think that I’m pushing it. I love trying new products and recommending them to you guys, and occasionally I stumble upon a product I’ve never heard of. Sometimes I wait to share things with you because I want to ensure consistent good service before I recommend the company. I should let you guys know that even though this is a paid promotion, all opinions are completely mine and I don’t HAVE to give a positive report.


Earlier this month Literary Book Gifts reached out to me to promote their writing gloves. Now forgive me, but I had heard of driving gloves before, but never writing gloves. I thought, are these some kind of special glove that somehow improves your handwriting? Or is it just some fancy thing to wear to look extra boujee when you write? Apparently writing gloves actually serve a purpose outside of aesthetics. They work essentially as hand warmers and that makes a lot of sense.


Sometimes my boyfriends house is cold with the AC on, so I wrap up extra tight at night. Often when I can’t sleep, I want to reach for my phone, but I don’t want to remove my hands from the warm covers. Writing gloves are basically socks for your hands, and I know that’s probably underselling it. These writing gloves are fingerless (like most). They made out of a soft cashmere knit so these gloves are perfect for handwriting, typing, touch screens, and crafting. Specifically the gloves are made of a breathable knit of about 35% cashmere wool, with a blend of cotton, polyester, and microfiber for durability. They’re available in 13 different colours including Blush Pink (pictured), white, electric blue, violet, heather purple/grey,/navy blue and charcoal just to name a few.


I wore these gloves all day while typing on my computer and scrolling through various apps on my phone. Not only did it successfully keep my hands warm, but I also felt support for my wrist, which is super important since I have carpal tunnel.

What The Heck is Old English Co and Should You Shop There?

Hello Lovely,

This is a sponsored post by Old English Co. I received these products for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Last week I received an order from Old English Co. You're probably wondering who that is. Well Old English Co is a stationery and giftware brand creating beautiful, hand-lettered products. Based out of Stamford, England, the company sells numerous items from Greeting Cards, Stationary, Accessories, Coasters and Placemats, Linen and more.

Old English.png

I was surprised at how quickly the package arrived considering it came from England. I've waited up to a month for royal mail so the speediness was a plus for me. The box came a little damaged, which had me worried because of the mug on the inside. But the packaging was great so nothing on the inside was affected, except the notebook.

I love my new mug! You're going to see it in a lot of posts real soon because I can't wait to use it as a prop. It's really short and kind of reminds me a tin cup, but it can still break, so I'll definitely be careful when using it. I wore the pin the day after getting it, but it's so small, I had to go up real close to my co-workers for them to see it. Everyone thought it was funny and totally suits my personality. My only problem is the rubber backing that should make things easier but it's really hard to get off and I had to use my teeth, which looks really awkward, trust me.


Then it was the notebook. I'm a sucker for a notebook or mug with a cute design or cheeky saying. I've always wondered what A4 looks like but never really saw it up close. They're slightly longer than a letter size, but shorter than a legal size.  I love the look and feel of the notebook, but it did come slightly bent. If anyone knows how much I cherish books, they would understand why this is a problem for me. I don't open books up very far when reading them to prevent bending and damage to the spine (I'm weird like that). The notebook is lined so I'm not entirely sure what I'll use it for. I'm trying to get back into drawing and would love to try my hand at painting so I would've liked to use this for it, but it is lined so that may be a problem. I'll figure it out.


I love the pillowcases as well. They're made from a high-quality cotton so I understand why they're £20 for two. These remind me so much of my unicorn pillowcases, and have really inspired me to change up my linens this summer. I feel like that's a sign of old age. I'm actually excited about buying new bed sheets and towels. I'm also going to need two new pillows because these two are WAY past their prime.

Overall, I find the items to be a little pricey, especially when you do the conversion from GBP to USD, or whatever currency you use. I love my items, but I also would've loved if the pin and the mug were cheaper as I would never personally spend that much of these kind of items. Then again, I am frugal.


So what do you think? Would you try shopping at Old English? Share your reactions to my haul in the comment section below!

DIY Zipper Ring

Hello Lovely,

Remember when I shared my list of DIY projects to complete over the weekend? Well I’ve been slowly completing them over time, because of my busy work and school schedule. It’s been like little treats to myself to craft something in between all of the chaos.

So on Sunday, when I woke up to a rainy morning, I decided as a spur of the moment thing to do, instead of making breakfast, to make this ring! I knew it was going to be easy, but didn’t expect it to be so easy! It literally took me only 10 minutes to make this, including my BS time spent walking around aimlessly, and stopping to take photos of the Step-by-step. So if you’ve got a rainy afternoon, this is the perfect activity and takes very few supplies.


·        Zipper (cut in half; great because this can make two rings)

·        Blank ring (could be one that the pendant fell off of, or a blank ring from the craft store; mine is adjustable)

·        Glue gun and glue sticks

·        Gem stone for the middle

·        Small felt circle


Gather your supplies on your work surface. If you haven’t already, cut the zipper in half. A broken zipper is perfect for this because you won’t miss it. You’re going to need pliers to remove the actual zip piece if it’s still there.

Take your zip and tie it in a knot.

Then tuck the loose ends in on itself. It’s kind of like making a wreath. Use your glue gun to secure these pieces.

Attach the back of the zipper wreath to your felt circle. Because of my type of ring, I attached the felt to the ring itself to make sure it fit properly.

Glue the gem stone in the middle.

Attach to the ring base.

And rock your new ring!


See I told you it was easy! The great thing about this is that the design is totally customizable! And with two halves of a zipper to work with, you can always try again if you mess up.

What kind of designs are you thinking of trying with this?

ShopTheCC POP-UP Review

Hello Lovely,

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of going to Happy Hair Boutique for a Pop Up Shop Hosted by Shop The CC. Lavonne Alexis is the proprietor of Shop The CC and I absolutely love her stuff. She has the most unique pieces that I can’t resist! I love standing out and her accessory game is on point! Going in, I knew that I wanted to buy the aviator style sunglasses I referenced in last week’s post. I went in with a $50 budget and easily (more like shamelessly) surpassed it.

Her layout was gorgeous and enticing! There was a rack of vintage clothes where I immediately picked up a black fringe skirt (with mess detailing on the bottom) for $28. (Photo not available). Then I found the sunglasses! There were only two pairs on display so I grabbed mine before anyone else could! And when she told me the sunglasses were only $10 each, I grabbed another pair just because! At this point I should have stopped. I was already at my limit. But then…

I saw the cupcakes. Now you know my inner fat kid can’t resist a bougie cupcake! These weren’t just any cupcakes. They were Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcakes! Let that just sit on your tongue for a bit. When you bite in, the top layer (a swirl of red velvet and pound cake) is complimented with a relatively thick layer of cream cheese! THEN there’s a layer of pound cake, followed by the red velvet! It was heaven! One of the girls ended up looking at me strange because I was in my own world after eating that. Smart move Lavonne, having cupcakes with clothes. I see you.

It encouraged me to stay longer and browse more. That’s when I saw the fifteen cent earrings I’ve wanted for two years! I saw them at an old pop up shop of hers, and recently at a local shop while I was looking for a Mother’s Day present. But this time, I finally had enough to get them! (Just because I had a $50 limit doesn’t mean I only brought $50. Come on, I’m not an amateur). I was so in love with my earrings, I wore them to church on Sunday (again photo not available). I promise to show them off with an outfit soon enough!

I loved everything about the pop up shop. The atmosphere and decorations were gorgeous, the staff was friendly and helpful and the pieces were to die for! I was a little upset that one of the shoes I liked didn’t come in my size, and I didn't have enough for the Sade t-shirt, but I definitely left there inspired to change up my look a little! I can’t wait to show off my new style to you guys so stay tuned!

What inspires your style? Do you ever mix it up? Share your favourite style stories in the comment section below!


My Favourite Sunglasses to Rock

Hello Lovely,

Summer is coming, and we all know there is no hotter accessory than a cute pair of sunglasses to block out the sun and the haters! My personal favourite design is the cat-eye because I like the way it frames my face and I think they give off just the right amount of attitude!

I have two pairs of sunglasses that I rotate often. The black pair, trimmed in gold is usually paired with dark coloured outfits; while the gold pair goes with literally everything else. See for yourself!

I would be so heartbroken if something happened to these two, but I’m totally open to expanding this little collection. I’m totally inspired by these sunglasses and hoping to find something similar real soon.

What’s your favourite style of Sunglasses? Tell me below in the comment section and be sure to capture your fabulous look for everyone to see!

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