How to Create a Sanctuary at Home


Hello Lovely,

Sometimes you need to get away from it all, and have a space of your own to relax. Creating a peaceful sanctuary at home allows you to unwind in a space that belongs to you. Even if you only have a small space available, you can turn it into the perfect place to relax whenever you need it. You might turn your bedroom into somewhere you can go to get away from it all, or there might be another space in your home that's ideal for your needs. If you're thinking of creating the perfect sanctuary in your home, take a look at these tips.

Decorate with Relaxing Colors and Materials

Decorating your space might be the first thing that you think about once you decide where you want to create your peaceful sanctuary. You might not want to make the space too cluttered, so think carefully about your design. When you're choosing colors and materials, try to create a light and airy space. Neutral shades and pastel colors can be good choices for a relaxing space. Natural materials are also an excellent idea if you want to create a calming space. You could even include plants to help bring a natural feel to your space.


Create a Comfortable Space

If you want to relax, you need to be comfortable. Whether you decide to create a comfortable space on your bed or you want to have a chair or even a beanbag that you can sink into, there are various ways that you can have a space to sit, lie or lounge in. You might also want to think about creating a sensory experience, with soft materials that are nice to sink into and feel good to the touch too. Use cushions, blankets and other items to make sure you have a comfortable space that you love.

Control the Lighting

The right lighting is important in your sanctuary, whether it's artificial or natural light. Being able to adjust the lighting in your space means you can have it just as you want it. You can browse brands such as Carpet One so that you can choose blinds or curtains to allow you to control the natural light from your window. You can shut out the light from outdoors or decide to let it in when you want to. You can also choose a variety of options for artificial lighting so you can have everything from the soft flow of a lamp to a more focused lighting if you're trying to be creative or productive.


Make Your Space Inspiring

When you create a sanctuary for yourself at home, it's often the ideal place to feel inspired and get creative. If you want to use your space for this purpose, think of what might help to inspire you. It could be some artwork on the wall, some books or other material available for you to read or anything else that gets you thinking.

Create your own private sanctuary at home and you will always have somewhere to relax and unwind.

What To Do When You Miss Your Ex

Hello Lovely,

Summer is coming and with that a lot of flings, break ups and regret. If you're like me, you're heading into summer single. But don't be bitter about it. And for the love of God, put down the phone, do not call them! It's over! I know it's not easy to just walk away from a relationship especially if it last several years and there were talks of marriage. You're going to miss them, you will. It may not be now, but there will come a time when you ask yourself, "What if?" You can't allow yourself to stay in the pits about it. Here are 5 tips to help you get through those moments when you miss your ex.  

Disable Your Social Media Accounts

You could delete your social media accounts, but this is a bit extreme. Instead, it’s better to unfriend them and unfollow them on all social media accounts. When you miss your ex, it’s really tempting to pop onto Facebook and see how they're doing. But this just makes everything so much worse. You see that he’s doing just fine without you, and it makes you feel bad. (Or maybe you see that you were right to leave because nothing has changed and they're still the same jack wad you got tired of dealing with). Either way, it’s a much better idea to spend some time away from social media for a while. Give yourself some breathing space. I'm sure you're tired of answering people's questions about why your status changed from "In a Relationship" to "Single".

Get Outside

Staying in bed all day waiting for her to reply to your “I miss you” text might sound like a great idea right now. After all, you can’t even summon the motivation needed to get out of bed, let alone leave your house. But this is unhealthy and will only make you feel a lot worse. And while I understand that you want to be left alone right now, you’re reading this article for a reason. And I think it’s a fab idea that you head outdoors.

Getting out and about among people will help you to forget about him or her for a while. Your mind will be excited by new experiences, sensations, smells, sights and so on. You could take a walk, travel to a new city or just hang out with friends in a coffee shop.

Soaking up fresh air and exposing yourself to the sunshine will remind you that there is life beyond the boy/girl. They were good, but they weren’t everything.

Channel Demi Lovato's "Sorry Not Sorry"

I LOOOOOOOOVE this song! And it's not just the ultimate break up song. Every time I hear this, I just want to sing it to everyone who ever doubted me, put me down or tried to hurt me. It's a reminder that at the end of the day, you've got to always be your best self and prove the haters wrong. You don't need to be sorry for being awesome or for having high standards. Make them sorry for not seeing and appreciating that beauty within you.

Work on Your Revenge Body

This is probably the hardest one on the list. You probably gained a lot of that comfortable "relationship weight" (similar to the freshman 15), because you thought you'd never have to look for another lover again. And comfort food is so real right now, because no one heals you better than a pint of your favourite ice cream (or a pan of macaroni, not judging). But if you focus too much on eating your feelings, you're taking away from the outside beauty that can lead to finding the one. Sure "the one" should love you regardless, but let's be real, we all have our limits and preferences when it comes to love. So whether it's cutting back, going back to school, hitting the gym or meditating, do what you need to do to create a better version of yourself.

Don’t Think About “What If …”

We’ve all been there. We’ve all dwelt on ‘what if’s …’ and imagined what life would be like if only we’d have done this or that differently. But the ‘what if …’ game is the cruelest game of all, and we always lose. We like to create these stories and imagine false illusions and fantasies of a better life. We like to roll the dice for a second time in our heads and smile at better results. But reality is not like that and never will be. Had you the chance to go back in time and do everything again, you would make the same decisions. Nothing would change. Everything happens for a reason, and the reason you did the things you did is because it felt right at the time. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Forget about the past and live in the present. It is what it is.

You had a great time with your ex and you miss them. And maybe you’re thinking about what could have been had things not ended.

But things ended for a reason. So why not take some time to analyse what went wrong in your relationship? In this way, you can learn from your mistakes so that you don’t repeat them in your next relationship.

Stay happy!

Stop Asking Millennials to Go to Church

Hello lovely,

I recently made the decision to leave my church home.  It was a decision I was wrestling with since about last October but I finally had enough. My church went through a lot of changes and if anyone knows me, like really knows me, they know I don't deal well with changes AT ALL. I react like an atypical teenager and it's something I've struggled with since my parents split eleven years ago.

I used to be super involved in church. Ever since I was 8 years old, I served on the altar in the Catholic church (one of very few females to do so at the time). I served under the direction of four different archbishops both here and in Miami. I eventually walked away from it all because I had a major disconnect. I still adore the Catholic mass and rituals but there was a huge split between the young people and the old ones. I was one of only a handful of people in their twenties in the church and I didn't get along with the others. It was a lonely experience and after all, isn't the purpose of going to church to fellowship with others? So I left. I stayed home from church for about two years after that before joining my most recent church.

It was a satellite campus, with the main campus in Cooper city Florida. I had never experienced anything like it and immediately joined the tech team because I wanted to be responsible for delivering that same experience to other people every Sunday.  


1. There's only one right way to be a "Good Christian" - Don't question that

I recently got into a debate with another teacher online who was upset that one of her students told her he questions God. Bear in mind the teacher is the same age as me. This is one of the reasons people don't like the idea of church. Everything is structured in such a way that if you have any questions that challenges what anyone thinks or believes, then you're the problem. Everyone should be encouraged to question religion because quite frankly what we believe is so silly and far fetched you have to question it. In case you forgot, even Jesus questioned God before he was handed over to be crucified. There are so many things that don't make sense about Christianity yet we believe anyway. And it comes with a litany of rules that one must follow if they are to be "accepted". That's a lot for someone in the 21st century to get behind. We have questions and we know that most of the answers are BS. We know that if you want the truth, you more than likely will not find it in the church.

2. Churches are full of drama

There's always going to be someone or something you don't like. It shouldn't be that way but lately churches are full of so much drama. It's the reason I left my church. Between firings, hostile takeovers and too many egos running  church like a business has terrible implications for the overall experience. Furthermore, over and over we’ve been told to “tithe” and give 10% of our incomes to the church but where does that money actually go? Why should thousands of our hard-earned dollars go towards a mortgage on a multi-million dollar building that isn’t being utilized to serve the community or to pay for another celebratory bouncy castle when that same cash-money could provide food, clean water and shelter for someone in need?Let's not be daft, church is a business. There are bills to pay to keep the building open and the priest or pastor should receive a salary for what they do (they have families to support as well). But when everyone has an opinion on how things should be done (without necessarily the experience or expertise), combined with empty promises, and extra marital affairs church is just not a safe place any more.

3. We're too busy/tired for church

We're supposed to "hustle" because let's face it, it's even harder to get established now. Businesses, brands, education, they all take hard work and dedication. And sometimes that means you're not available on a Sunday morning. So stop guilting us and making us feel like we have to choose and we're only "good" Christians if we go to church on a Sunday when worship can happen any time and anywhere.

4. Stop Talking About Us and Learn How to Accept Us

Despite the stereotypes about us, we are listening to phrases being spoken in our general direction. The church is supposed to be a place of healing and yet we don't feel like we can set foot inside without being ostracised for our sexual orientation and dress code. Until the church finds a way to be radically kinder and more compassionate than the world at large, the church is telling outsiders they’re better off on their own. And the truth is, many times they are. Here's a solution: Stop placing blame on individuals who struggle to get connected. For some people, especially those that are shy or struggle with anxiety, putting yourself out there even just once might be an overwhelming task. The church has to find ways to bridge that gap.

5. The Church is Failing to Adapt

The need for Black Millennials to see themselves goes beyond leaders humanizing themselves. Many of us are exiting our congregations because we don’t see ourselves in the biblical text or worship practices. Our sanctuaries are adorned with depictions of saints and a savior whose skin doesn’t look like our own. Here’s the bottom line church—you aren’t reaching millennials. Enough with the excuses and the blame. It's great that the church is trying to be more youth-oriented, but usually that entails kids and teenagers. The older adults already know where they belong, leaving millennials us young adults stuck in the middle with no nurturing.

Decide if millennials actually matter to you and let us know. In the mean time, we’ll be over here in our sweatpants listening to podcasts, serving the poor and agreeing with public opinion that perhaps church isn’t as important or worthwhile as our parents have lead us to believe.

How To Stay Fit During The Holidays

How To Stay Fit During The Holidays

The last three months of the year for many people are basically a food fest. So many different holidays and you eat so much food be it candy or turkey for all of them. Here's a quick post on how to stay fit throughout all the holiday mess.

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How Travel Can Support Your Addiction Recovery

Today's guest post comes from Henry Moore of FitWellTraveler.

Travelling during your addiction recovery can be challenging but rewarding, giving you a wider perspective than you experienced during your addiction, and many rehabilitation centres encourage travel during the early stages of recovery from substance abuse. According to one Goalcast author who healed through travel, “I went from being the only important person in my life during my days of addiction to someone who realised that I was just a tiny, virtually minuscule part of this world. Talk about taking the pressure off.”

If you think a getaway could help you heal, consider these tips on staying sober away from home and getting the most from your travels.

Get Some Perspective

While visiting other areas and cultures can broaden your perspective on life - and its challenges - be mindful about when and where you plan to vacation while maintaining your sobriety. Obviously you’ll want to avoid Napa Valley wine tours, Germany in October, Daytona Beach during spring break, and possibly even countries where wine is served without prompting, the way restaurants set out water glasses for customers here. Instead, focus on planning activities and outings and set up some night-life fun that doesn’t involve getting hammered.

Travelling For Self-Discovery

Take some time during your travels to reflect on where you’ve been, where you are, and where you see yourself in the future. Many of those who overcome addiction feel that they’ve been given the opportunity to rebuild their life for the better. Ask yourself what you’d like to change, what you want to continue, and how you eventually want to spend your days.

You may also choose to keep a travel journal during your journey. While you might mention any particularly hard won triumphs over temptation, your journal needn’t focus on your sobriety. Record your thoughts, insights, and interesting cultural facts you learn. You may also choose to note exceptional meals, interesting people, and favorite places. To add some visual flair, pick up inexpensive postcards during your trip to tape into your journal’s pages.

The Freedom To Travel

You probably spent months (possibly years) putting off your travel plans or planning around your substance abuse. Places you’d liked to visit were bypassed if they didn’t serve alcohol or fit into your lifestyle. And while substance abuse may have severely limited your travel options in the past, it is now easier than ever to plan a sober getaway with the help of a number of substance-free travel organizations. If you’re planning to use a travel agent, consider contacting Sober Vacations International, Clean Getaway Travel, or Travel Sober to see what packages they have available.

Escape Temptation

Being away from home will help you avoid the people and places that can trigger temptation but travelling alone can create the feeling of being cut off from your support system in times of crisis. To keep your temptation in check while you’re away, Psychology Today suggests using technology to stay connected. “It’s unnerving to be suddenly un-tethered from your usual support networks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take support with you,” writes psychiatrist David Mack on Psychology Today. “Apps, many of them free, can be downloaded that offer inspirational messages of encouragement, daily reflections, and tips for staying sober.”

Healing On The Go

There are a number of other steps you can take to ensure a healthy vacation, whether you go alone or with friends or family. Call ahead to your hotel and request that the mini-bar be cleared of any alcoholic beverages. Research high-crime areas that may translate into the availability of drugs and avoid them during your trip. Make any wait staff that serves you aware of your alcohol-free preferences. Refrain from wandering the city at night without a clear destination and avoid areas known for its ‘nightlife’.

While temptation is bound to follow you no matter where you travel, experiencing new places, people, and cultures can broaden your mind and put your addiction in perspective. Traveling solo can also build your confidence, something that is paramount to abstaining in the future and will serve you well in building a new substance-free life.


Henry is the co-creator of FitWellTraveler. The site blends two of his favorite subjects (travel and health) to provide readers with information about how to get the most out of both. He enjoys travel, running, cooking, baking and reading. He believes travel can change you, and good health preserves you. He combines both in his work on FitWellTraveler.

How to Know When to Move On

How to Know When to Move On

Whatever the situation, we’ve all been faced with this decision...Maybe you’ve just fought with your significant other about the same shit for the thousandth time and you’re genuinely concerned that you may end up on a real-life Orange is the New Black. Whatever the situation, a decision needs to be made and it’s probably to move on, but how? Your metaphorical suitcase may already be packed. But where are you going? What’s your plan? Maybe you’re still deciding. Well then, this, is for you.

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3 Quick Ways to Start the Day Off Right

Hello Lovely,

How you choose to start the day will set the tone for the rest of your day, so make those choices wisely.

Start your morning off right, and the rest of the day will fall into place — at least, that’s the idea! No matter what your job is, especially if you put in long hours at an office, a good morning will at least put you in a good mood for tackling the day ahead. So, what is the best way to start the day? Maybe you’re not a morning person. Neither am I, trust me (I’ve got three different alarms just because I like to hit the snooze button before getting out of bed.) Don’t worry, it’s a New Year, so it’s the perfect time to pick up good new habits.

3 Quick Ways to Start the Day Off Right

1.     Plan Ahead

I’m not saying that you should plan the whole day the minute you get up. That’s a sure-fire way to stress yourself out! I mean to plan the night before. Maybe you remember hearing your parents say to pack your bag for school the night before. Well there’s a reason your parents nagged you about this. Preparing your clothes for work the night before frees up time in the morning, leaving you with one less task to worry about. On the mornings when I know my clothes are already picked out and ironed, I can lay in bed a little longer, or feel less guilty about making breakfast and lunch because I now have the time for it.

Bottom line: Do as much as you can the night before so your morning can be stress free.

2.     Do the hardest thing first

Mark Twain put it best: “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Perhaps an early morning workout can be your metaphorical frog. Once you’ve gotten the hardest task out of the way, any other task will be a breeze. Plus the boost of confidence of tackling something hard and successfully completing it early on in the day will give you the needed motivation to get through the rest of your day.

3.     Never skip breakfast

So many adults get so busy with their daily schedules that they forget to eat breakfast, or simply don’t make time for it. This is bad! And don’t think a cup of coffee or tea is sufficient for breakfast. (Did you know the optimal time to drink tea or coffee is supposedly after 9am?) I know for many reasons some of you have protein shakes for breakfast. Whether your breakfast is liquid or solid, it’s important to get your nutrients in and get your metabolism going. High in fibre foods will keep you full longer, so aim for a combination of good carbs, fibre and protein.

How do you like to start your day? What’s something you can try to make yourself a morning person? Share your views in the comment section below.


How Going to St. Croix Changed My Life

Hello Lovely,

I'm back from vacation, but my brain is still in vacation mode, so I'm not quite there yet. Last week I put on the coffee maker to make 12 cups of coffee for myself and a co-worker and waited patiently until it was all done, only to find out that I never actually put coffee into the machine, and all I did was boil water. I’ll get there eventually, I promise. But can you blame me? I spent almost three hours on a plane to get to St. Croix from Miami, so the flight alone has me drained. Then in the first two days of being there, we drove around the entire island! Every day we were doing something or going somewhere so relaxing wasn’t really an option. I wasn’t even allowed to sleep past nine without someone waking me. Even when we went to the beach, we probably only stayed for about an hour before moving on to the next spot. Of course as a group we couldn’t decide on which activities to do when (like whether or not to go out to dinner, or whether we should continue sightseeing or not). It was crazy! That’s definitely not the way I vacation, but it was such a learning experience.

I had never seen mountains before, so the views were absolutely breath-taking and my camera does it no justice. I loved how they preserved their historic buildings so everything felt authentic. Sure not everyone was polite, but you can’t expect everyone to be. My boyfriend’s family was more than accommodating and I really felt welcomed. They made sure that I really saw the sights and made me feel like a native. His mother loved me even though she didn’t always understand my sense of humour, and his brother went out of his way to bond with me, including showing me how to catch their pet chicken (yes people, they have a pet chicken). I was beginning to be hopeful. Until one day when we were at Big Dock…

Something I didn’t understand was the lack of PDA or the apparent forbiddance of it. While we were there I wasn’t allowed to hold my boyfriend’s hand; not because of a law or because his family is strict. It was really because no one else does it, so we weren’t allowed to do it for fear of sticking out. There was a lot of emphasis on blending in, which I don’t believe in. It felt hard to be myself, with his family’s needs and beliefs coming first. I felt like nothing I did was right or good enough. His sister often called out my drinking, like I should be ashamed for having a drink with lunch from a restaurant while on vacation. There were moments where I was genuinely miserable, especially because I thought I would feel at home in another Caribbean nation.  After taking time to reflect on everything I experienced, I realised that St. Croix could never be home for me.

Now this is not meant to say the country is terrible; that is far from the truth. But something changed in me while I was there. With all of the tension and stress from travelling, my boyfriend and I had a HUGE fight; the kind that could really break a couple up. Even after making up, I was still doubtful about a few things, and these fears carried over to our return to Miami. I had officially met his mother. We were official. I mean we were official before, but now it’s really official. Officially official. You know? There’s so much pressure added now from outside forces, on when we’re getting married and when I’m moving. I don’t want to think about any of it. Though the situation is resolved, I was left feeling depressed about so many other things. One thing in particular was an issue in my own family.

While we were there, I received the news I feared the most. My aunt has now been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I am a very practical person, not always realistic, but practical. Pancreatic cancer is the most deadly with no hope, no cure. So I immediately began the grieving process. I asked the age old question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” I tortured myself with memories of our moments together, and chastised myself for getting inpatient or angry with her whenever she made demands of my time. So after learning this, I wanted to make the most of my trip; of my time on earth. I wanted to see everything there was to see and complain less about things not going according to schedule. But the sadness didn’t go away.

Once we left St. Croix, I thought about all of the topics I wanted to discuss on my blog but couldn’t focus on any of them. For days I stared at a blank screen and no words would come to me. Every now and then, something would pop in my head, but I couldn’t make the connection. I had writer’s block and it was absolutely depressing. My boyfriend did his best to be supportive, with foot massages and even buying the water I like (inside joke because I hate the water he drinks). I spent the days watching marathons of Law and Order SVU and Mythbusters but I just couldn’t shake the depression.

Who gets depressed on vacation? Isn’t the point of vacation to unwind to refresh? I was able to recognise the trigger, but not the reason why I was stuck. I felt so worthless when I got back and even worse, I couldn’t talk to my mum about it because she’s with my aunt in Tennessee while she gets her first round of chemo. And that’s when I realised why I was stuck. No matter what, my mum is always there for me. We have a very close relationship. I call her while at work just to give her jokes, or tell her how my day is going, even though I’m going to see her at home. But I couldn’t do this anymore. I couldn’t call her during the day at work and I wasn’t going to see her at home. That’s what changed. Once I was able to recognise this, I started to feel better. I don’t like being depressed. I don’t like feeling trapped inside my own mind. I knew that I was way too old to be sitting at home crying because I missed my mommy. And just like that I snapped out of it. I wrote a post last week on my favourite sunglasses and began to feel hopeful again. I even dressed up on Friday to keep myself in a good mood, went to happy hour and did a little shopping on Saturday that I can't wait to tell you about. And here I am finally writing about my trip.

But yesterday my mum came back with my aunt and we found out it was stage four and aggressive. Just like that, everything I did to feel better didn't matter any more. The amazing message I received in church, my funky new sunglasses, even my newest ice cream that I made to keep everyone's spirits up did nothing to ease my mind once I got that news. I couldn't sleep because I was angry. I ended up crying for about thirty minutes uncontrollably before I finally fell asleep. I wanted to be ready to move on. I thought I was. She's still alive and here I am grieving like she's already dead. I promise I'll find a way to pull myself together, so forgive me for posting less regularly.

It's weird. I went into my vacation with my biggest fear being that my future mother-in-law would hate me. She loved me. But now I'm grieving someone I love. 

At the risk of this post ending on a sour note, I'll leave you with this hilarious video of myself trying to catch a chicken. Enjoy!


The Only New Years Resolution You Need to Make

It's a new year and for many people, it's the first day back to work or school. This is usually the time when people become chronic list makers, especially ones filled with New Years resolutions that never get completed. I'm bad at making lists of things because I either forget to write it down, lose the object I wrote it on, forget to look at it after writing it or forget to tick it off that it's completed.

But no matter what your plan for the new year is, remember, the sooner you start, the sooner those dreams will come true!

Right-click and save image to download. It is an 8.5 x 11 photo. You can print it smaller to fit your jar size.

Right-click and save image to download. It is an 8.5 x 11 photo. You can print it smaller to fit your jar size.

For those who may be new to my Motivation Mondays, here’s a little run-down of how it works:

I usually share something I heard either in church or read somewhere that I found to be inspiring and think you would be inspired by. This could come in essay form of photo. This time, it's a plan, with a free printable. 

The best way to make sure you don’t miss a week, is to stay connected through my email mailing list. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so right here:

So how are we doing this?!


This year, instead of making an endless list of how you plan on making 2016 THE year, try making a memory jar. It's one of the easiest things to do. I wanted to do this last year, but of course forgot. Maybe by putting it out on my blog, I'll have something to hold myself accountable on. Instead of relying on Facebook to remind you of your greatest memories for the year, cherish all of your memories, big or small, especially the teensy things that tend to get forgotten.

You can keep a canning jar on the kitchen counter with a stack of colourful paper and a marker. Every few days, jot down something that made you laugh or smile. On New Year’s Eve, I’ll be emptying out the jar, unfolding each paper and reading them one by one.

Next year, a new jar will begin again — and the best part is we can bring out past jars any time to remember the little things that shaped our lives. You'll be surprised by how much positivity you can find in your life once you start this journey!




Nothing Good Comes From Your Comfort Zone - Love Has No Boundaries

As if there's something wrong with interracial dating....Trust, that is the least of the black communities worries...

As if there's something wrong with interracial dating....Trust, that is the least of the black communities worries...

When I saw this picture on Facebook, I was outraged. I'm not even going to touch on the gay issue because I have made my stance of acceptance very clear. What my problem is, is that my young male cousin (who originally shared the post), as well as other black people, find it insulting for black people to date outside of their race. This within itself, is not a problem at all. The only problem is people making a problem out of joining two different backgrounds, which I thought, is the whole point of socialising. That's like saying only two true Americans should get married and reproduce, when there is really no such thing because everyone at some point in the genealogy emigrated, making the genes so mixed that, that would be impossible. 

When a black person says they'd rather date a white person because they get treated better, instead of shooting them down, really look at what they are saying. At the rate our black young men are killing each other, what choice does a young woman who only wants love, really have? Of course there are some who date outside of their race in hopes of some genetic magnificent trait, such as skin colour, hair and eye colour, being passed down to their offspring, but I won't get into that right now.

The photo hinted that interracial relationships are the main cause of pretty much every problem the black community faces. I highly doubt a black child robs a convenience store because one of his parents is a different skin tone. The better question is, does he even know his parents? Can he communicate to his parents? Do they support him and did they teach him discipline and respect?

FREE PRINTABLE ALERT!      Feel free to save and print this image! Frame it or post it up on your bulletin board for an extra push to try something new!


Feel free to save and print this image! Frame it or post it up on your bulletin board for an extra push to try something new!

So how exactly does pure black love strengthen the black community in a way that interracial love doesn't? How does having a white parent or partner deter from your child knowing about slavery or whatever hyperbolic belief these people think will happen? I ask this because there is literally no scientific basis for it causing even the slightest of problems, that I am aware of. Love has no boundaries. I don't want any of my black sisters or brothers made to feel "less black" because they dared to love outside of their background. Yes it is great when we can love one another, but to only love your own kind, is still not God's plan for us. Don't be fooled by so-called "black power" people. You cannot live your life in a box. Nothing good comes from your comfort zone.

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