DIY Button Ornament Card

Make Your Christmas presents too pretty to open by adorning them with unique handmade gift tags. Today I'm going to show you how to make a gorgeous Christmas gift tag with scrapbook paper glue dots, and old buttons. This little project takes only 30 minutes but will last a long time!

Step one:

Fold cardstock in half or four-quarters depending on the size, and cut on the fold.

Step two:

Arrange your buttons on the cardstock in your desired style.

Step Three:

Using glue dots, glue the buttons in place. Glue dots will give your buttons a 3D effect so that they won't look too flat on the paper.

Step Four:

Using a straight edge, (as you can see I don't own rulers, nor can I draw a straight line) draw your "string" from the top of the card to the top of the buttons.

Don't forget to sign "Merry Christmas" at the bottom of the card

Step Five:

Draw a bow at the bottom of the "string" over your buttons. This is the last step!

Adhere your card to your present using glue dots or however you choose. I'm sure whoever you give this too will be just as excited over the card as the gift. You can even sign a personal message on the back if you so wish.