Friday Favourites: 5 Workouts to Try this Weekend

Hello Lovely,

I have officially finished the first 5 days of my 21 Day Simply Fit Challenge and I feel great! I may get sleepy, but I wouldn't say that I've felt tired since I started working out (not counting the level of tired I feel during the workout). If you've started your own workout challenge this month, it may be easy to use the weekend as cheat days. Sure you need rest days but if you use the weekend as your rest days, it's harder to get back into the swing of things on Monday. 

If cardio is your thing, you'll definitely want to Crush Calories With This Epic 45-Minute, Cardio-Boxing Workout. It's a great way to stay in shape and get you motivated to tackle all of your weekend errands.

Okay we get it, after an entire work week, you feel sluggish and the last thing you want to do is bounce around for an hour. Low impact workouts are just as effective. If you've got resistance bands, pull them out and use them to make your workout more intense. If you don't have any bands, don't worry, you'll still get a great workout without them!

Get the workout here: Torch Calories With This Low-Impact High-Intensity Workout

Or maybe you're the kind of girl that prefers to dance off the calories. We've got the perfect pre-club workout for you! In this 25 minute dance workout, you'll learn some great moves that you can totally steal for when you go to the club later on with your friends.

Find the workout here: The Cardio Dance Workout Celebs Love

Just in case, cardio really is your thing and you don't want to repeat the same workout, this 30 minute workout will help you to burn major calories at home and feeling ready to tackle the work week!

Get the workout here: At-Home 30-Minute Cardio Workout to Burn Major Calories

Find the workout here: The Cardio Dance Workout Celebs Love

no squats workout.jpg

Lastly, keep it simple with our  No-Squats Butt Lifting Workout. After all, 2017 is going to be the year of the flat belly and big booty

No Squats Butt Lifting Workout

What is your favourite way to stay in shape on the weekends? Share your favourite weekend workout plans with us in the comment section below!