Currently Craving: White Party Attire

Hello Lovely,

Last week my dad invited me to our high school's alumni association White Party, which is happening at the end of the month, at The Nassau Yacht Club. I guilt tripped a fellow graduate to go with me, so now I'm going. Only problem is, I don't own much white clothing. This is because every time I wear white, it gets dirty within an hour of me wearing it. Or worse, it gets stains on it, while simple hanging in my closet; stains that never come out so I end up having to throw them away. But I'm going to bite the bullet and look for a white dress. While I want something elegant and breathtaking, I still want to be able to dip it and do it, and pair the dress with flats in case my heels start to hurt. It would be a shame to be squeezed into something so tight I can't find room in my tummy for cocktails, or drop it like it's hot. So with that in mind, here's my inspiration:

I know they're all different, but I'm trying to keep my options open. I've already narrowed my search down to the three dress seen below:

So now that you've seen my top picks, I’d love to know…

Which of these pieces is your favourite?