Breakfast Patty Melt

Hola! Qué Pasa? Adivina qué?


Hoy es Cinco de Mayo! And while I am a little sad that I won't have one of my regular drinking buddies with me, I will find someone to go with me and have a few drinks after work today!

So it's Tuesday and it's STILL RAINING! My boyfriend in Miami says it's still raining there as well so at least it's not just us. It was actually him who reminded me that yesterday was Star Wars day. Between that and his motivation, yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day for me, as I was motivated to get back into the kitchen. That's where this beast of a breakfast sandwich comes in!

(No it's not McDonalds. It's better! Say hello to the beautiful love child of a breakfast sandwich and a patty melt)

(No it's not McDonalds. It's better! Say hello to the beautiful love child of a breakfast sandwich and a patty melt)

Now I may be lactose intolerant....but if there is one thing I cannot live without, it's CHEESE! I have been known to say in the past, that it is not a sandwich, unless there's cheese on it. And boy does this sandwich have cheese on it. Three slices to be exact. Three slices of cholesterol filled, stomach upsetting, cheesey goodness! And I used cheddar, so imagine if I had other types of cheese at my disposal. I think I might actually stop the world if I do. I can't handle that much power! If you think you can, stick around for this mouth-watering recipe after the jump!


Breakfast Patty Melt


  • 1 English Muffin

  • 1 Veggie Burger

  • 3 slices cheddar cheese (doesn't have to be pre-sliced cheese)

  • 1 slice eggplant

  • 1 egg white fried

  • Seasoning for taste

  • Fruit for decoration (optional)


  1. Start by frying your egg white on low heat in a lightly greased skillet (I used cooking spray). Season lightly for flavour (I used garlic and pepper and italian seasonings). While this cooks, heat up a frozen veggie patty in the microwave (I used Morning Star Farms Garden Veggie Patty).

  2. You can assemble the sandwich as you fry, so place one slice on cheese on the bottom bun of the English muffin, then place the veggie patty on top. Then place a slightly smaller slice of cheese on top of that (this is gonna get cheesey). 

  3. While assembling, fry your eggplant slice in the skillet and season to your taste (I used the same seasonings). Add the egg whites and eggplant followed by (you guess it) your last slice of cheese. Top with top bun.

  4. But wait, there's more! On low heat, grease your skillet with about 2 tablespoons of butter. That's right, butter. This stopped being healthy around the second slice of cheese. Before the butter completely melts in the skillet place the entire sandwich in the skillet. Let it absorb that butterey goodness! When the bottom is golden, crispy brown, flip the sandwich carefully (adding more butter to the pan for the top bun) and continue to cook until the cheese is melted and perilously close to running out of the sandwich and into the next county.

  5. Serve with your favourite juice and a side of fruit if you're feeling guilty about all of that butter.

Rise and shine, it's breakfast time folks!



Grilled Mushroom Eggplant and Tilapia Pressed Picnic Sandwich with Seasoned Squash Fries

Okay people. I've had a revelation. 

I love myself. And because I love myself, I should treat myself. So I did. With this recipe. As you know, my family isn't as health concious as I am. This is both good and bad. It's good because when I make super cool recipes like this, I only have to make enough servings for myself. The bad part is, the groceries required for the recipes lands completely on me and I don't really have anyone to share it with. Except you guys! I know you can't taste it, but at least you get to look at the pretty pictures right?

On Sunday, while both Skyping with a college friend and strolling through Tumblr, I was inspired to try three new recipes, of which I hope to conquer this week! So I hit up the grocery store yesterday, and when I got home last night I got busy!

This weather is perfect for cooking and baking. 

*Little secret* I sometimes get flustered when in the kitchen* So now that the weather is cool, I'm not "losing my cool" so to speak, when cooking. And that's great for everyone within throwing distance! (I'm kidding, I don't throw anything).

Oh right, back to the recipe!

So today, I present to you a super easy, healthy and delicious new recipe! This sandwich is filled with nutrition and lots of hidden flavour. Because the secret ingredient, is Pesto! Feel free to play around with the other seasonings, and if you can, swap out some items to make this recipe completely vegan! The best part about this recipe is that it's also a make ahead recipe. You can make this the night before to avoid the rush in the morning. Store it in a zip tight freezer bag in your fridge until morning, and just heat up when it's time for lunch!


Grilled Mushroom Eggplant and Tilapia Pressed Picnic Sandwich with Seasoned Squash Fries


(Serves 1)


1 Hoagie pre-sliced bread bun

2 Tilapia fillets (defrosted)

1 slice vegan mozarella cheese

2 slices tomato

2 slices grilled eggplant

1/3 cup grilled mushrooms

1 small yellow squash (sliced into thin strips)

1/2 cup mixed greens

2 tablespoons pesto

1 tablespoon lime juice



  1. Season the Tilapia. This is where you can get creative. I used fine herbs seasoning. What that is a mixture of, is beyond me, but it's pretty useful when you don't want to search for the perfect blend.

  2. Coat the skillet in an even layer of non-stick spray.

  3. On medium heat, grill the fish (one at a time), cooking evenly on both sides. When cooking the last fillet, throw in the mushrooms and let them cook at the same time. Toss the mushrooms regualrly to avoid burning. Pour the lime juice over the fish when it's almost done cooking.

  4. To season your "fries", again you can get creative. I used parmesan bread crumbs mixed with Italian Seasoning. Once your fries are seasoned, lightly fry them just as you did the fish and mushrooms.

  5. Assemble your sandwich with the fries on the side. Lightly drizzle the pesto on top and serve!