Whole Foods Recap: A Highlight for the Foodie Who’s Natural at Heart

Hello Lovely,

Known for its wide selection of natural and organic ingredients including seeds, kernels and rice (available in easy to use dispensers), Whole Foods has become a household name amongst those looking for clean, healthy eating and living.  Hearing about it from friends and also viewing it on many episodes of Top Chef (they purchase most grocery items from there), I’ve long awaited my visit to this infamous brand.  During my Miami trip, I was elated to know that there was Whole Foods in walking distance.  I walked through the front door, took a deep breath and inhaled the smell of fresh, organic flavors. I was warmly greeted by the wide selection of colourful, bright flowers that awakened the store.  These connected to me so greatly that I purchased a small bouquet of Football Moms (this is the actual name of the flower, crazy right?? :) ) to brighten my room. I first noticed the area where a selection of rice, beans, peas and quinoa was located.  It was the second busiest area of the store (the food area was the first) as persons eagerly filled bags of garden-fresh items. I was fascinated with the variety and did my best to manoeuvre out of the way of anxious patrons.  I also really appreciated the three types of honey that were also available for persons to purchase the exact amount needed.   I’ve always liked the snack bars made by Kashi Go Lean and those as well as other brands were available at $1.49, the La Terra Brand chips were two for $6.99 and they even had meat bars! The main ingredients Bison, Venison, Chicken, Beef and Turkey with infused flavors of Thai, cranberry, rosemary, etc.  I purchased two Wagyu Beef and Chicken but after two bites of the beef, I sincerely regretted it.  This proved that fresh is always better!

The food selection was amazing with dishes from around the world: Eggplant Parmesan, Lo Mein, Lasagna, Lobster Bisque, etc. I tried the spinach, rosemary cake stuffed with blue cheese and it was surprisingly filling for such a small size. I also liked their desserts including select vegan and gluten free items.  I purchased a carrot cake cupcake which was moist and tasty without being too sweet.  The natural soaps were pricey but had an amazing scent which flowed through the aisle.  

I respect what the Whole Foods brand stands for, their ideal for quality, organic products, how they value their customers and seek to only provide the best.  With positive posters and statements throughout the store, one can’t resist feeling appreciated.  Although I didn’t get to explore the store as much as I wanted to , I’m glad that I experienced the visit.  

P.S.The flowers added a touch of elegance and brightness to my room and fit perfectly in the accompanying mason jar.

What’s your Whole Foods highlight?  Have you tried their vegan desserts? Tell us your recommendation for my next Whole Foods visit.


21 Day Challenge Simply Fit Board

Hello Lovely,

2017 is a brand new year and the perfect time to put our best foot forward when it comes to fitness. It's easy to give you guys a workout plan or healthy meals, but you have no way of knowing if any of it really works or if we're really doing it. So this month, I'm sharing my own personal fitness journey with the 21 Day Challenge for the Simply Fit Board. Lately my clothes don't quite fit like they used to and I refuse to buy clothes in a larger size. I'd rather just lose the weight and keep my clothes. I also want to work on my booty. It's way too small and that is not going to cut it in 2017, mmkay?

On my vacation, I walked every day and eventually purchased a Simply Fit Board for $40. I used it for 30 minutes every day for about four days before I had to return home. It was the easiest workout I've ever done. I would work for a bit, then take a break, hop on the board and twist for five minutes once an hour while watching TV. Breaking up the workout in 5 minute segments made it easier to manage instead of finding a convenient time to drop everything for half an hour (especially when I hadn't worked out seriously in months).

Shortly after purchasing the board, I found out about the 21 day challenge and immediately signed up. I took my before pictures (which I look a lot better than my first before pictures before I used the board at all), entered my last known weight and measurements and ate healthy leading up to today. I knew that exercising before starting the challenge would throw off my results so I held off until today.

I'm super excited to start this journey and I'll be happy to share the results with you at the end of the month. If you want to join, go to www.simplyfit21.com to sign up. Get the Nutrition Guide here and a Workout Calendar to plot all of your workouts up to May!

If you don't have the Simply Fit Board and you're not able to make that investment, you can try our other available workouts for 21 days and share your results using the hashtag #GetFit2017!

So will you be joining any fitness challenges this month?

Let us know in the comments! And good luck on your first challenge…

How to Fire up Your Core - My Power Yoga Experience- Day 1

Hi friends!

'm back again today to share my power yoga experience thus far. If you haven't signed up yet, I suggest you do so because I really see this course whipping you into shape! Now I'm not the biggest fitness fanatic (I prefer pizza over Pilates) but every now and then, I like to try something new. Because, well it's better than sitting around complaining about getting fat. I used to do Yoga in high school (but I wouldn't call myself a Yogi). I have a love-hate relationship with Yoga. On the one hand, I feel all zen-lke, spiritual and cool when I say I do yoga in conversation. But then I also am reminded of how non-flexible I am whenever someone asks me to do yoga with them. I'm still struggling to perfect my cartwheel much less do one of those crazy headstands. But my plank is pretty decent, I think. So that's one of the things I like about this course. This intro lesson will teach you all about Power Yoga as well as the basics of linking your body and breathe for an optimum yoga experience.


PS: Make sure to leave comments and ask questions along the way. And of course, don't forget to invite your friends to join.