Favourite Photos I've Taken Lately - March

Hello Lovely,

March was an amazing month! Coming off a really sentimental birthday celebration with some of my closest friends, I finally accomplished one of my longtime dreams! Early March, I travelled to Springfield Missouri, connecting through Atlanta  (I've never been to either before) for a two day AutPlay Certification Workshop. I stayed in the Arbor Suites at the Mall and it was heavenly! I had my own suite, WITH a fireplace and heater (I totally used to heater because I woke up to 30°F)! It really felt like a home away from home (despite the frigid cold temperatures). The staff was extremely nice and housekeeping did a great job every day. In fact, everyone in Springfield is uber nice; like you find yourself telling them your whole life story during checkout for no reason just because they're so nice.

Another thing I loved about my hotel was that it was directly across the street from Hobby Lobby, The Battlefield Mall and a McDonald's. It was also behind a Panera Bread (I'm not a fan of the coffee though). It was my first time going to Hobby Lobby. It truly is a spiritual experience. I heard the Christian music playing but it was probably 20 minutes before I realised it was a Christian craft store. I was so enamored by the farmhouse style trend throughout the store and couldn't resist picking up a few pieces that I could use as props in my photography. I was really upset that I didn't live in Missouri because the home accents were 50% off!!!! 50%!!!!!! I had never seen such affordable home décor! And of course while I was there, I had to participate in the Hobby Lobby challenge that I had just found about that same day while waiting on my flight in Atlanta.

After Hobby Lobby, I dropped my stuff off at the hotel, then went back for Battlefield Mall. I was only able to catch the last hour of the mall before they closed so I hit up my favourite stores: Forever 21, Windsor, Charlotte Russe, and I finally found my shade in Fenty at Sephora! I didn't get to check out the food court so I just got dinner off the dollar menu (best invention ever) at McDonald's where I met a lovely couple who had just gotten engaged and were celebrating at McDonald's. I met their 2 year old daughter who's a ball of energy and delight and the grandparents. It was a nice evening.

Eating at Chick-fil-a for the first time with my new friends Sis Ann and Sheena

Eating at Chick-fil-a for the first time with my new friends Sis Ann and Sheena

I met a lot of nice people in Missouri and that made the experience even better, because I was missing my uncle's funeral to be there. But at the end of the day, I couldn't contain my joy as I became the first and only AutPlay Therapy certified provider. I had wanted to do Play Therapy since undergrad but I never thought I would be drawn to working with autistic children. It just felt right and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.


There were so many other cool things that happened this month like the Viva La Bella community outreach pop up event in Elizabeth Estates. I had the pleasure of organising and distributing care packages to women and young girls in the neighbourhood. I've missed doing community service so this was totally refreshing for me.


Sadly this month I got the flu and it really was the worst flu in the years. I spent one day throwing up and i had all but given up on life (I can be so dramatic). What really helped was having my grandmother here with me so I was never alone. I always tell people that I love my grandmother more than my mother but that doesn't mean there's any problems with my mum. In the Caribbean we're really connected to our grandmothers because they help raise us. My grandmother has been there for every major event in my life so I honour, respect and love her so much for that.


Lastly, my month was great because I appeared on The Koneksyon with Levyn Miller. It was the first time I had ever been on a talk show before and I was so nervous. But it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life! I talked about my blog, my work as a psychologist and even sported my new wig. It's not a high end wig, just a little something so I could change up my look. I bought the dress from Forever 21 in Missouri. See how this post came full circle?

I love sharing these great moments with you guys. What were some of your favourite moments this month? Share your favourite moments in the comment section below and let's chat!