DIY No Sew Baby Headband

Hello Lovely,

Ever since my niece was born I've been obsessed with her and finding ways to make her smile and laugh. It was rough at first because she really didn't want anyone to hold her other than her mother, but since she started nursery, she's not afraid to go to anyone and I now have more freedom to take photos of her and do fun things. One of the things I couldn't wait to do for her was this cute DIY from A Beautiful Mess. I made a version of the Daisy Trim using a Sunflower trim. Instead of cutting it and applying it to an elastic trim, I added snaps on the ends to hold it together and the headband simply slides on her head comfortably. But I still included the steps for how to make three versions of the no sew baby headband.

DSC_0008 (1).jpg

ruched elastic
daisy trim
-stretch knit fabric (medium weight)
star trim
1/4″ elastic trim
rotary cutter, ruler, and cutting mat
-fabric scissors
quick dry fabric glue or glue gun


  1. Daisy Trim: Cut a strip of ruched elastic that is 1/2″ longer than your baby’s head circumference. Use a flowered trim (like that daisy trim) and cut each flower apart to make a quick appliqué pattern. Attach 3-4 flowers together in a cluster a few inches to the right or left of the centre of your ruched elastic and space another single flower an inch or so in both directions. Use a generous amount of your fabric glue (or use a hot glue gun) to stack and attach the elastic ends together in the back to complete the headband loop. Let the glue set and you’re ready to try it on!
  2. Head Wrap: For this headband, use your rotary cutter to cut a strip of fabric that is 5″ wide and 1/2″ longer than your baby’s head circumference. Fold your long edges in towards the middle and use your fabric glue or hot glue gun to attach one edge over the other, creating a long flattened tube.Stuff one end of your tube into the opening at the other end and glue them together. Cut a small strip of fabric that’s 3/4″ wide and 3″ long and fold and glue the long edges inwards like you did with the larger headband. Fold your smaller tube around the enter front of your headband (seam side inward on both pieces) and trim the smaller piece shorter, depending on how much of a gather you like in your headband. Repeat the process of stuffing one end of your small tube into the other end and gluing together like you did with the bigger piece and your headband is ready to wear!
  3. Starry Eyed: For this headband, cut a piece of decorative trim that is 2″ shorter than your baby’s head circumference. Cut a piece of 1/4″ elastic that is 1.5″ long and generously glue the elastic to both ends of the trim to complete the loop. That’s it! This one really showcases a pretty piece of trim as the star (no pun intended), so you can really use any trim you like and you may be able to find a coloured elastic that matches to help it look seamless as well.
DSC_0012 (1).jpg

Notes: Just keep in mind that you may have to do a little glue/fabric testing to make a no-sew headband that won’t fall apart as soon as you put it on your baby. There are definitely fabrics that glue really well and strongly to each other and some that don’t, so I would do a little test gluing with scraps to make sure your fabrics create a tight seal. Hot glue tends to work on a larger variety of supplies, so try that if the fabric glue doesn’t hold. If you use fabric glue, you should be able to wash the headbands in cold water, although if you have a really delicate trim I may just spot treat as needed. And as always, make sure your headband isn’t too tight! I know it sucks to remake something if it’s too small, but everyone will be happier if baby’s headband isn’t squeezing them uncomfortably.