Interesting Finds: Unicorn Water Bottle and Pillowcases

Hello lovely,

I can't believe summer is over! Today I'm back to work officially but I'm missing every single day of my European tour! I know if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, my moves would've seemed a little unexpected, because I kept it all as a surprise. It wasn't easy to keep it under wraps but it sure was fun to see some of your reactions. I was beginning to feel like Carmen Santiago. 

Of course during my travels I found some really cool new items that will each get their own post  (in no particular order of coolness). I've always had an affinity for things with quirky captions and graphics. If you knew me in high school, you would've seen a large key chain that didn't actually have keys on it (because where the hell was I going?) It was just full of key chains with crass sayings. To this day, my favourite graphic tees include a grey one with a hamster on a wheel saying, "This is how I roll" and a black one with Grumpy from snow white and the seven dwarfs saying, "This is my happy face".

Unicorn Water Bottle.jpg

That's why I had to buy this water bottle! I don't know how I got excited about the unicorn trend this summer (I think it started when they brought Lisa Frank back) but lately I want unicorn everything! I found this in Primark for £4.99 and had to get it! So far I've mostly infused it with mint because I'm actually not a fan of infused water. After almost two months of use, the pink cap latch has broken so it can easily get lost, and it's not 100% leak-proof but the bottle holds up pretty well. For the most part, I can hold it any way without worrying about leakage, but of course sometimes, a little gets out. And it's BPA free.

My second unicorn purchase also came from Primark for only £3.99. I would've bought an entire bed sheet set if I found anything I really liked. So I settled for the pillowcase set. I shouldn't say settled. I really love these pillowcases! The best part is they're reversible. One side says, "Let's ride rainbows" and the other says "Saddle up Unicorns". You don't turn it inside out, just turn it over.

I can't wait to show you all of my other favourite purchases from this summer. Check out my 2017 Bathing Suit Collection to see the cute sexy swimsuits I got this summer!