Hello Lovely,

Do you clean your makeup brushes? 

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’d never thought about cleaning my makeup brushes. I mean, I knew I was supposed to clean them, I just never made the time to do it properly (often opting to just rinse it with soap and water). Big mistake.  As it turns out, cleaning makeup brushes is a pretty important task that can prevent bacteria from spreading on the skin.

Bacteria = breakouts.

Breakouts = makeup brush contamination.

Makeup brush contamination = more breakouts.

It’s a nasty cycle.

I had bought a bottle witch hazel during my last shopping trip in Miami because I heard about all of the amazing benefits of it with beauty products. I also knew that castille soap is like the coconut oil of bases (holy and highly revered). There are a number of store-bought brush cleaner options, and there are also a number of DIY tutorials on Pinterest. Most of the ingredients used in both the store-bought and “homemade” versions are far from natural, so I took what I learned and started experimenting. After all, how hard could it be, right? With a few basic ingredients, which I already had on hand for DIY beauty products, I was able to easily whip up a natural solution.


To say that I’m now a brush cleaning advocate is an understatement.  Trust me, just try it once–dip your makeup brush in a few simple ingredients–your beauty routine will forever be changed. From what I’ve read, most makeup professionals recommend cleaning brushes daily, particularly the ones used for foundation and blush. But considering I don't wear makeup every day (special occasions only) I'll stick to cleaning them after every use.

My homemade brush cleaner recipe works for any cleaning schedule since it makes enough solution for soaking sessions (my preferred method of cleaning) or daily spraying. Whichever method you choose, go with something that’s doable for you.


Homemade Natural Makeup Brush Cleaner

 Servings 1 1/2 cups


  • 1/2 cup witch hazel
  • 2 tsp baby mild castile soap
  • 1 tsp skin-nourishing oil like olive oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil., optional
  • 1 cup distilled water


  1. In a bottle or mason jar, combine all the ingredients in the order listed (the recipe). Shake the bottle.

  2. Swirl makeup brushes in the mixture to clean.

  3. Carefully blot brushes to remove excess dirt and oils.


I Tried Fenty Beauty This Weekend and I Think Its...

Hello Lovely,

I am in no way a makeup fanatic. My idea of daily makeup is literally just lipstick, and a liquid eyeliner if I feel like it. If I'm going somewhere or doing something special I literally wear a full face of concealer. I'm sure I just made make up artists and enthusiasts every where cringe just now. But that's just me. Less is more. I like the natural look and I do not have the patience for contouring, highlighting and all those other techniques. I also hate to get makeup stains on my clothes, so my solution is to stick to lipstick.


So how did I end up trying Fenty by Rihanna?

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna launched into stores on September 8, 2017, and the line has already made waves in the beauty industry. Not wanting to be left out of this trend, Mr. Ship It teamed up with local Make-Up Artist (MUA) Guru, Lucy Lu, to bring Fenty to a few select ladies in The Bahamas this past Friday. The exclusive event was by far one of the best put together I've ever attended.

With a live DJ, The Natural Empress as the host, waiters serving appetisers and signature drinks, the atmosphere was amazing! Of course everyone enjoyed the live makeup demo by Lucy Lu on a lucky guest. I actually learned new things about highlighting and contouring. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to do it myself but I did feel a little more inspired to try. Lucy did a great job answers questions from the audience and her make-over was gorgeous! The ladies were lining up to try and buy Fenty before she was even done!

Prizes awarded at the end of the night included Fenty beauty products and a full makeover by Lucy Lu.

I was able to try it at the end of the event once the guests cleared out. I tried the 450 foundation but was told a 440 would suit me better. I also tried the Rum Highlighter. So what do I think?

*Drum roll please*

IT'S GREAT! As I applied the foundation, it felt like I was putting water on my skin! Even after applying, it felt like there was nothing there! I had no smudging, no heavy feeling and it was very easy to forget I was even wearing makeup. I loved it! But before you head off to stock up on the shimmer sticks or find out more about the foundations, here's what you need to know about the diverse new line.

1. What is the meaning behind the name Fenty Beauty?

It amazes me that people don't know that Rihanna's real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. So I think that clears up the mystery.

2. Is Fenty Beauty cruelty free?

Yes, the entire line is 100 per cent cruelty free.

3. How much does Fenty Beauty cost?

This is where I checked out. The conceal, contour and highlight trio is going for $75! $75!!!! Who has $75 to spend on makeup? Foundation and highlighters are $50 each, skinsticks (not sure what these do) are $35, brushes range from $35-50 and lip gloss is $25! There's even something called blotting paper with goes for $23 with refills at $15. Remember this is coming from someone who really isn't that into makeup. Everyone I spoke to about the price said the same thing, "It's not that serious." To make matters worse, I'm not even a Rihanna fan, so I feel in no way compelled to support her.

THE FINAL VERDICT: So while I believe it's a nice product because it feels great on the skin, it loses major points for me in the price department! I can't afford to spend that kind of money on something I just wouldn't use. So unless you're a makeup enthusiast or MUA, save your money for important things like groceries or your new Fall wardrobe.

Have you tried Fenty yet? Do you have any reservations or are you all in? Sound off in the comment section below and don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more updates!

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My Favourite Shade of Lipstick

Hello Lovely,

For some time now, I've noticed that I tend to gravitate towards a particular shade of lipstick. In fact, I still remember borrowing my mum's lipstick until she got me my very own MAC lipstick. I started wearing lipstick at either 17 or 18, after graduating high school, then stopped for awhile because my boyfriend at the time didn't like it. But after that relationship ended, and I remembered that I have a right to be awesome, I didn't care what anyone else thought, I wanted to wear lipstick! Not lip gloss (I hate that stuff) and no more chapstick. It was a "I am Woman, Hear me Roar" kind of moment! After having this Coming-to-Jesus moment about lipstick, I had to find the right shade.

I never liked red lipsticks because I felt they aged me. And in a world that's main focus seems to be on maintaining a youthful appearance, I did not want to look like a 30 year old when I was only 21. I started off with various shades of pink, before moving back home and finding the perfect lipstick! It was called "Very Berry" by NYX. It was a beautiful burgundy/purple shade. Like a very deep red wine. I loved that lipstick! It made me look sophisticated while still maintaining a youthful appearance. I wore it EVERY DAY! So much so that even when I ran out, I used a Q-Tip to scrape the bottom of it and apply it. I was devastated when I could no longer find this particular shade in that brand. Until I discovered a similar shade in NK Lipstick. It was close, yet different, because there was a little more shine to it than in the NYX.

Lately, I wanted to try something different, so I bought a Matte lipstick by L.A. Girls. I had never tried matte before, and while I prefer a little more shine in my lip colour, this is by far, my new favourite lipstick at just over $9 per stick (a significant increase of $6 over the NK lipstick). I think the shade compliments the colour of my skin perfectly by giving off a modest sexy look. I've come to prefer this colour over pinks, because I feel that they make me look like a clown sometimes. And anyone who knows me, knows how much I hate clowns! Sometimes I'll mix it with an NK lipstick for more shine, or to lighten it to match my outfit, but lately, I've just been wearing it by itself. I feel like a badass celebrity in this lipstick. Like Rihanna or  something.

What's your favourite shade of lipstick and brand? Do you match your lip colour with your outfit like me, or do you just stick to your favourite shade? Share your favourite lipstick and colours in the comment section below.