Mermaid Toast: The Newest Trend We're Loving This Spring

Hello Lovely,

Mermaid toast takes all the things you love about the mermaid trend (think blue and purple tones, golden stars, glitter, and ombre) and puts them on a healthy piece of toast. In fact, the snack is generally super nutritious… you achieve its mermaid-y look by mixing blue green algae powder with almond milk cream cheese. We are totally in love with this trend, and  it’s not just green hues that look fabulous on mermaid toast. Purples, pinks, blues, and creams all look fab as well. Like many popular viral foodstuffs, mermaid toast’s appeal is entirely visual, so I had to get behind this trend and try my own.

Now in the Bahamas there is no way we can possibly get algae powder (whatever that is) so I improvised with cream cheese and food colouring. While we can't boast the same health benefits it's still a low fat snack that makes a great breakfast or dessert.

With that being said, there's no real recipe for mermaid toast other than the two options I just gave you. Don't limit yourself. Let the ocean hues inspire your creativity. To achieve the "sand" look you can use gold flakes or corn flakes. It adds a great crunch to the smooth creaminess of the cream cheese. Have fun!