8 Work Outfits to Copy Right Now

Hello Lovely,

I love playing dress up. I can’t get enough of mixing my style up with different pieces and putting together looks that no one thought would blend well, but adding a dose of style between 9 and 5 can be a challenge. Although I am on a mission to challenge the “office-appropriate” standard, I can abide by societal norms when necessary, while still adding my personal flair. So I’ve put together a list of combinations that I love. These looks will get you through every conceivable job challenge, stylishly. When you’re starting out and don’t have a lot to spend, invest in a few fantastic designer pieces you can mix and match. Feel free to pin your favourite looks for later!

8 Work Outfits to Copy Right Now

When in doubt, pair a sleek sweater with a pencil or full skirt.


Don't be afraid to add standout accessories to your look.


Add a belt to your sweater-and-skirt combo to pull it all together.


When done right, jumpsuits can totally work for the office.


Let a long, drapey black coat be the star of your look.


A silky shirt will make even your most eclectic pieces look polished.


Make a sheer top office-appropriate by sneaking it over a midi dress.


A printed scarf gives any outfit a classic touch.




Weekend Diaries + Weekday Wardrobe

Hello Lovely,

School reopened this week for us and with it brought on more anxiety than I expected. I've been exhausted all week and a little on edge. Even with sleep, I haven't felt like I got enough sleep. Truthfully, I really haven't gotten enough sleep. I've had a lot of late nights and early mornings, which doesn't gel well with my work schedule. I was looking forward to resting this weekend, but I had family in town and a birthday party. I'm sure I'll get used to it soon.

I also lost my 16GB memory card which had Wednesday's outfit on it. I was so heartbroken and on Thursday and Friday I was rushing out of the house, but here's what I was able to capture.



Blouse by JcPenny, skirt from Black Food Shop and Shoes from Shoedazzle



Blouse from Forever 21, Pants from Primark and Shoes (not visible) from Christian Siriano



Dress by Talbots but purchased at a yard sale

My weekend started as always on Thursday when my friend Richard took me to a meeting. At first we thought it was one of those pyramid schemes but it turned out to be something for Dream Nation. It was interesting and I'll look more deeply into it to ensure it's worthwhile before investing.

Saturday morning, my family went to the Hilton for breakfast. The spread was amazing and delicious. I wasn't satisfied with the Maxwell House coffee though so I had to walk out to the Starbucks for a Caffe Latte. 

I wore my green bodycon dress from Primark with my Primark shades and a pair of wedges I've had for quite some time.

My mum even made me take some photos of my brother and his pregnant girlfriend while we waited for the rest of the family to take a group shot.

After breakfast, I went to the African Pop Up Shop and bought a bodycon dress for work. I tried on the beige one which was a size 6 but it was too small so I had to buy the blue one (identical to the one photographed) in a size 8. I also couldn't resist the necklaces and got one for my grandmother!

So that was my weekend. I can't believe how many photos I had to share! I love how the photos turned out. Especially the ones of my brother's girlfriend. I'm really starting to like maternity photography so I'll let you guys know how that goes for me. How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

Let it Fro, Let it Fro

Hi Friends!

I guess you could say that I'm in a good mood today. Why? For no real reason, really. If I had to attribute it to anything it would probably be that my fro is free to roam the planet again! Okay that sounded weird. Let me be a little more clear. For the last two weeks, I rocked yarn braids. I did them myself (my first time ever braiding my own hair, much less braiding it with something).

It was a weird experience. And I think it took me a total of 8 hours to do it myself. I felt so miserable with each strand I interlocked, feeling as if I would never make it to the end. They weren't perfect, but they looked decent.

But recently they started to look bad. Like hair coming out the braid, new growth on fleek, kind of bad. So last night, after 2 hours, I took all of the braids out.

                                   Now watch me whip...

                                   Now watch me whip...

Now I'm rocking my fro, and I guess it's giving me an increased sense of self-confidence. I'm also wearing a handmade African print maxi dress, which has me feeling extra royal!  I did a length check last night and my hair at the top, now stretches to my jawline! (Which I also just realised this morning, that I don't have much of. Like seriously, my face goes straight into my neck; not much separation or definition going on there).

                                         Selfie at work!

                                         Selfie at work!

Don't mind the fluffiness of the puff. My hair was moisturised using the LOC method this morning around 7 am and is totally dry now! I've always been cursed with dry hair. Nothing I do seems to work. If you guys have any suggestions, I'd totally appreciate that!

Leave your suggestions in the comment section below and have an awesome day!



3-Step DIY Cut-off Shorts

This tutorial is a long-time coming. Like years in the works. I don’t know how or why I kept putting this project off. I was starting to fall out of love with thrift store shopping and there was no way I was cutting any of my own jeans. Even the South Pole jeans that I almost never wear. (I think it’s the hoarder in me).

So when I got my jacket that I wore to the 2 chainz concert from the thrift store, I got these jeans as well. It actually wasn’t until I had finished cutting them that I realised these are Armani Jeans. And can you believe I only spent $4 on them?! What a steal!

So if you've ever wanted cut-off shorts and didn't quite know how to cut them, I've got three easy steps for how to turn your unwanted jeans into something trendy and cute. (And just in time for Spring season too)!

So if you've ever wanted cut-off shorts and didn't quite know how to cut them, I've got three easy steps for how to turn your unwanted jeans into something trendy and cute. (And just in time for Spring season too)!

  1. Start by laying your chosen jeans out on a flat surface. Make sure everything is smoothed out.

  2. Using a pair of shorts that fit you very well, lay those on top of your jeans. The crotch area on both pants should line up.

 3.  Estimate about half an inch below the hemline of your shorts and mark that on your jeans with chalk, then cut on that line.

 3.  Estimate about half an inch below the hemline of your shorts and mark that on your jeans with chalk, then cut on that line.

  4.    Wash your jeans if you want the frayed look at the hemline and you’ve got your own pair of cut-off jean shorts!

  4.  Wash your jeans if you want the frayed look at the hemline and you’ve got your own pair of cut-off jean shorts!

I wore my new shorts to a music video release party this past Thursday. What do you think? Are you going to make your own pair for Spring? Don’t forget you can add anything you want to your shorts like studs or lace. I kept mine plain for now and may add to it later. The possibilities are endless!



DIY Black Crop Top Without a Pattern

Woohoo! This is my first sewing project of the year! Actually, it's my first sewing project in months. I'd count the stockings I did for our Christmas place settings but you guys never got the tutorial for that. (I'll share it next Christmas. Only 348 days to go!)

Last week, I was feeling a little down, so I did a little binge shopping. And that binge shopping reminded me that I don't have a decent black crop top. The one that I do have is spaghetti strap and fits more like a bra than a blouse. So last week Friday when I got home, I got out some leftover linen-like black fabric that I had in storage and my favourite crop top.

I can't stress out easy this tutorial is. This is roughly a 30 minute project. So turn off your phones and TV and buckle down with this quick and easy project to create your own trendy piece of fashion!


Choose a shirt that is loose fitting. If not, remember to add a few extra inches when cutting so you won't need to add a zipper or buttons. Once you lay your shirt over the fabric, all you have to do is cut around it. Place the fold of the blouse on the fold of the fabric. Remember to cut the front (the two folds together will be the front of the blouse) lower the back)

Cut on the dotted line. When you're done, literally flip the blouse horizontally to the other side of fabric (with the fold of the blouse facing the open edges of the fabric). You'll end up with this:

This time sew on the dotted lines. Make sure the right sides are facing each other. When it comes to sewing the back, pinch the seams together and sew that.

Hem the bottom and the neckline and armholes and you're done! I wore it last night when I went for sushi with my best friend! 

Can you believe we've best friends for the past 12 years?

Hopefully this is the start of more sewing projects. I'll keep you guys updated.