Brunch Chronicles: Biggity

Hello Lovely,

Last week, I had the company of my best friend, Doran and I was super excited. He had never been here before so I wanted to make sure he had fun and most importantly, ate well. With my work schedule, I couldn't exactly take him all over the place but we did enjoy a few sights and tastes. Last Saturday, I took him to Biggity, downtown. It was my first time ever going there. 

I immediately fell in love with the re-purporsed design scheme. Although this trend is everywhere, I love the idea of re-using an old item that normally would be thrown away because it's economical and great for the environment! We were able to choose a seat anywhere. There was only one setting for two people so we sat there. This is definitely a place to go with a small group of friends or family. Why the name Biggity you ask? Apparently the name comes from a bold scotch bonnet pepper sauce. Shortly after being seated, we were presented with a menu.


I was disappointed to see so few choices for brunch, but I appreciated that each meal came with a cup of coffee, and the prices weren't bad. I couldn't decide between the Bacon Wrapped Omelette and the Conch n Waffles, so when Doran said he'd get the waffles, I knew I could get the omelette and we'd share. We also ordered a side of Johnny Cake to share. While we waited to order, I couldn't help but notice the restaurant seemed to own the entire collection of Boyz to Men greatest hits. At first I loved the nostalgic feel, but after the fourth song or so I wondered out loud, "How many more songs could they possibly have?" After awhile I heard other artists playing but it was still R&B. The slow R&B music really didn't fit the feel of the restaurant.


The coffee took forever to come, which I couldn't understand because the machine looked like one of those Instant Nespresso type machines. Then the server forgot that I wanted white chocolate syrup in my coffee and had to bring it after the coffee was delivered. Everything came piece by piece. Doran's coffee came first, then a small carafe of milk (no choice in the milk, just plain milk). Then the sugar, then my coffee, then the syrup. And the coffee wasn't even hot, but actually room temperature. By the time we left, I had a mug of iced coffee.

Luckily the food did not take long after that. I loved the presentation of Doran's plate, but mine looked a little thrown together. I was dismayed to see they had used one of those frozen hash brown patties and not fresh handmade hash, so it stuck out on my plate like a sore thumb. The fruit was a bowl of caramelised apples way too sweet to eat. And my omelettes were in fact, mini frittata muffins. Despite my initial disappointment, I must admit, the food was delicious. The conch and waffles were absolute perfection so I must order this the next time I go.

I loved the creative presentation for the bill but $35 really is a bit much for two people for brunch (I'm frugal and still remembering the days breakfast was £15 for Doran and I in London).

FINAL VERDICT: Go for the atmosphere, that is, the decor, not the music. The food is great, but don't expect well trained excellent service. Come prepared to relax and spend about an hour with a good friend.


Friday Favourites: Best Local Restaurants for Valentine's Day

Hello Lovely,

If you’d like to spend a night out on the town this Valentine’s Day, checkout our top 5 picks for a Valentine’s Meal that will insight and set a romantic tone.  This post is not in any way sponsored by any of the restaurants mentioned.


$ - Under $30        $$ - under $60        $$$ $70 or more   *prices are per person

Montagu Gardens - Specializing in Bahamian fare, their dinner special includes pan fried Grouper, Stuffed shrimp Guava Cheesecake and Key Lime Pie

Contact: 394-3647                        Price Range: $

Poop Deck at Sandyport - Set alongside a beautiful waterfront, Poop Deck offers fresh seafood eats from appetizers to entrees such as Citrus Grilled Shrimp and Grilled Atlantic salmon.  They will feature a special menu for Lunch & Dinner

Contact: 327- 6635                        Price Range: $$

Luciano’s of Chicago – Showcasing Italian carte du jour with such dishes as pasta, seafood and salads.

Contact: 323-7701                        Price Range: $$  

Sapodilla Restaurant:  Known for its fine dining cuisine, Sapodilla offers a ‘Love Is…’ 5 course menu and featuring Champagne and Live Entertainment.

Contact: 327-2161                        Price Range: $$$

Aqua – Set in the British Colonial hotel, this eatery offers a Couple’s Dinner inclusive of a Chef’s Special, grilled beef tenderloin with lobster and shrimp, Cream of Mushroom soup and chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce.

Contact: 322-3301                        Price Range: $$$

With an option to match every price range and cuisines from around the world, you are sure to woo your Valentine over a romantic meal.


Taste the Islands: Lukka Kairi Restaurant Review

It’s no secret that The Bahamas has great cuisine, with amazing staff. And I don't doubt that for a bit. I have been dining in some of Nassau’s best eateries for many years now, and I must say it's quite an experience. Many of these restaurants have been around for years, while some come and go. And for those of you searching for a culinary experience like no other, look no further than Lukka Kairi.

Nestled amid the nightclubs and busy shops on the main street of Nassau, the interior will remind visitors of an authentic historical tropical paradise. I fell in love with the painted steps leading up to the restaurant that reveals of dramatic portrait of an Arawak. At the landing is an impressive tank filled with live conch and lobsters. The seating is spacious with all wooden furniture and flooring and a beautiful view overlooking the wharf. The decor allows the simplistic beauty of the food to really shine, though beauty isn’t the only thing bringing folks to Lukka Kairi. The restaurant buzzed with excited energy despite pretty empty until we were ready to leave when it began to fill with seemingly satisfied patrons.

I went with a friend of mine, looking for a Sunday brunch. We were disappointed to find that they do not serve brunch but decided to stay for the lunch menu, even after the waiter explained to us that portion sizes were meant more as appetizers than full meals. He explained that Lukka Kairi means "People of the Islands". Well sir, people of this island like food and lots of it for a reasonable price. This is something I would suggest they work on. Pretty food shouldn’t only come in small quantities, especially for the price. But I can appreciate that local farmers and fisherman supply fresh seafood and dining items for the restaurant. I originally wanted the spiny lobster roll, but when they told me the goat pepper was a part of the mix, I had to rethink my options. We started with a fruit cocktail drink (whose name I cannot remember) because everything else was essentially straight rum and it was only 11:30 in the morning. I settled on the ‘New Nassau Conch Chowder’ while my friend ordered a traditional conch salad. The waiter was correct, there was no way we could have shared orders, so we ordered the freshly baked bread with whipped honey butter. I was absolutely blown away by the presentation of these dishes and that alone is what I will come back for. Then I tasted it! Both of these meals were so delicious I wanted to lick the Mason jar my soup was served in. The whipped honey butter was so light, I felt like I was actually eating healthy and even the plantain chips that came with my friends’ conch salad was the best I ever had! The servings were bit pricey for the portion size, but it was well worth it.


Though I would love to be selfish and keep Lukka Kairi all to myself, the work of Executive Chefs Alpheus Ramsey and Monica Hutchinson is so good everyone already knows about it. There’s no doubt a table at Lukka Kairi will quickly become the hottest reservation in town. You could book a reservation for large crowds, but walk ins are always welcome and preferred.

*I was not paid or compensated in any way for this review. This is purely my opinion*