Hello Lovely,

Ever since my niece was born, I've been obsessed with finding the cutest DIYs for her. She wasn't the friendliest at first, making it really hard to get a good photo of her, but around 2 months she really started to open up, smile more and even light up for the camera! It's been a joy creating things for her the past three months. One of those is this whimsical rainbow ribbon wall hanging! Kid stuff always feels like it can be more playful and fun and you can do just about whatever you want! 


-60 white cotton balls
-8 x 11 white cloud printout
-8 x 11 cardboard
-hot glue gun
-ribbons or tissue paper in rainbow colours (ribbon will hold up more to a grabby baby)

Optional supplies: -glue on jewelry bails, jump ringsgold chain, and jewelry kit

  1. First print out a white cloud, cut it out then glue it to your cardboard. Cut around the shape of the cloud. This will serve as your base. 
  2. Glue cotton balls onto cloud filling up all of the white space. For an 8 x 11 cloud, I used 40 cotton balls and for an 11 x 17 cloud, I used 60 cotton balls.
  3. You can either glue a string to the back of the cardboard cloud or use your jewellery pliers to attach jump rings to each bail. Cut a length of chain with your jewellery cutters to attach to the jump rings (mine was about 8″ long) and connect your jump rings with the chain.
  4. Decide how long you want your ribbons to hang down from your cloud and cut 3 of each colour ribbon a few inches longer than that measurement (I made mine 20″ long). 
  5. In colour order, glue the colours across the bottom back of your cloud and make sure to reverse the order from how you want it to appear when hanging.
  6. Hang your rainbow in the spot you want it to go and then use fabric scissors to trim the ribbons at an angle with the longest ribbon in each set being the one at the back and the shortest ones being the ones hanging in the front. That’s it! You’re done! 

So sweet! I love how the ribbons hang down and the cotton balls above look so puffy—I just want to poke them! The cotton ball clouds would be a great item to add a few drops of essential oils onto to keep a delicious scent in a kid’s room as well (just keep in mind that peppermint oil should not be used around children under the age of 6 and eucalyptus oil should not be used around children under the age of 10).