ShoeDazzle Review

Hello Lovely,

While watching TV, I would always see the commercials for I liked the shoes that were advertised but I was already a JustFab subscriber and I have skipped every month since last summer due to budget issues. Earlier this month, I decided to treat myself and try ShoeDazzle to get a new variety of shoes for my birthday.

If you've never tried one of these online shoe boutiques. it usually starts with a personality quiz to personalise your boutique shopping experience. I usually dread this part of the process because it's so not diverse. Every question asked me about shoes that I would never wear. They showed me pictures of gaudy knee and thigh high boots that I would just never wear! Hello tropical island girl! When would I ever need thigh high boots with straps and studs? I basically pictured the lesser of all of the evils just to get through and look at the shoes. What I didn't realise is that they sell shoes according to which season we're in, and because it's still winter, ALL they had was boots. I'm not much of a boot girl. I used to love boots but now as a working girl in a school, there isn't much need for boots. 

It was hard to find shoes that I felt would be comfortable because of the slope of the heel, but I eventually found one pair of black ankle boots that I liked and a pair of blush heels. I caught the 2 shoes for $39.95 deal couldn't wait to have my new shoes for my birthday.

After going through hell to pick up my package from the courier because they charged me $53 just to bring it in, I finally got my shoes! I tried on the black boots and instantly felt pinched. It was the right size, but the toe area is so cramped I went out and bought in soles to make it more comfortable but it actually made it worse so I just have to suffer through it.

The blush heels look great and I imagine it would be perfect for women who don't have ankles because of the shape and cut. The only downside is it's hell to get your foot into and out of it because of the lacing in the back. But once it's on, these are some of the most comfortable heels on the planet! I've worn them like five times now how much I love them!

Here are the Pro's and Con's of


  1. Even though there is a monthly fee just like the other online shoe clubs, you can buy shoes whenever you want by skipping the month without accruing a monthly charge.
  2. Shoe Fashion Stylist sends you new shoe styles every month to choose from, and if you don't like the style of the shoe, you can let your stylist know and they'll create a new showroom of shoes for you.
  3. Earn points by buying shoes and telling your friends about ShoeDazzle. You get 100 points for each shoes you buy and 200 points for each friend you refer. Once you have 1000 points you can get a free pair of shoes.
  4.  Not only does ShoeDazzle sell shoes, they also sell jewellery, clothing, handbags, etc.
  5. If you don't like your shoes or if it doesn't fit, you can return the shoes for something else free of charge.


  1.  Most of the shoes are not true to size and you must order a size bigger...especially their shoes with heels. (Just like most shoes online)
  2. Not every shoe is $39.95. A lot of shoes can actually run you into $80 or more.