Summer At Life By Olivia

Hello Lovely,


As far as I’m concerned we’re officially in the summer season. School closes in two weeks and the heat is merciless. So I just wanted to quickly share my summer plans with you guys.

As you know this is a very difficult time for my family, with the loss of my cousin. That is why I took the past two weeks off to grieve and collect my thoughts. I’m back next week with all new posts for you featuring new recipes and fashion.

As always I’ll be taking July off to travel and create content without the pressure of a deadline. So the last post before my summer break will go live on June 21, the day I head out for my cousin’s funeral. My summer travel plans this year are very simple (given the circumstances). I plan to visit Toronto for the first time (I connected there overnight but didn’t actually get to enjoy the city). I’m excited to go downtown and see all of the major attractions, while hitting up some local festivals. This will be my first truly solo travel in that I’m not meeting anyone when I go and I will be alone the whole time. It’s a little scary, but here’s to adventure!


Posts will resume on August 12, with the usual 3 posts per week. I’ll be sharing my summer adventures as well as my back to school plans. In addition to travelling, I’ve decided to spend the summer completely immersed in art projects. Once a week, I’m going to pick a craft project, whether it’s sewing, painting or some other DIY as well as one photography adventure per week. This is my way of healing and I’m hoping to start an art journal that I can’t wait to share with you. I’ll definitely try to go to the beach about 3 times this summer since I have like 6 or more (probably more) swimsuits. Even if I have to go by myself, I’m going to embrace doing more this summer instead of dying in the summer heat in the house.


Swimsuit Details: You can purchase this Brush Print Scoop Top With High Leg Bikini Set from SheIn for only $13!

Here’s to an amazing summer! See you soon!

My 2017 Bathing Suit Collection

Hello Lovely,

Let's call 2017 the year of the swimsuits! I have acquired more swimsuits this year alone than probably my whole life. I don't know what inspired this suddent urge to own more swimsuits. Maybe it's because I finally like my body. Sure there are still things I would change about my body, but I've found swimsuits that really compliment my body and make me feel less self conscious.

It all started in March when I went to Exuma and bought this gorgeous high-waisted swimmie. Out of all of the bathing suits I got this year, this one cost the most at about $25. As you all know I'm a girl on a budget and I delight in finding entire outfits for less than $50. 

So when I found these two swimsuits in Primark in London, I couldn't believe the pricetag! I even got a matching bathin suit for one of my best friends.

In Switzerland, I wasn't expecting to go swimming so I didn't pack anything. Luckily my friend's aunt was able to give me three bathing suits from her younger years. I was surprised to see how flattering European swimsuits can be. I instantly fell in love with them and can't wait to wear the others. I have to add straps to the green one so I'll let you know how that DIY goes.

What does your bathing suit collection look like this year? Does yours change yearly or do you keep what you like? Share your bathing suit collection in the comment section below or on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.