If I Could Have Any Super Power, it Would Be...

Hello Lovely,

This week I'm teaching my kids about tapping into their inner superhero. Last year we learned about Growth Mindsets so I thought it would be perfect to start the New Year off with this cute Arts & Crafts project made from recycled materials. All it takes to make this cute superhero accessory is one toilet paper tube, construction paper, glue and markers. I made mine first and showed up in costume to get the kids excited. After they got all of the giggles out of their system, I explained what they would be doing. They had to bring in their own toilet paper rolls to decorate, then come up with a super power, a name, a back story on how they got their power, and how they use their powers for good! Since I'm a Guidance Counsellor, I told them that I have the power to heal people from the inside out, my superhero name is Amethyst and I got my powers from the Amethyst stone, since it's my birthstone. 


How to make Superhero cuffs using toilet rolls tubes

You will need –

  • Toilet rolls x 2
  • Coloured paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  1. Begin by covering your toilet rolls in your favourite coloured paper. You can have your child colour the toilet roll using coloured pencils too. 
  2. Decorate the toilet roll with your child's super hero logo/symbol in the appropriate colours. You could use glitter, feathers, pompoms….the possibilities are endless. 
  3. Once you allow the cuffs to dry, simply cut the toilet roll down the back and fit it over your child’s arm. 

My kids loved this activity and came up with some really creative ideas. I had so much fun planning for this. I was always dressing up as a kid so it felt great to do it for my job! Would you like this try this activity? If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

The Beginning of a Dream

The Beginning of a Dream

We all have dreams, no matter how big or small. But deep down within all of us is a burning desire to be or accomplish something. Some dreams are long-term, some are short-term. No matter what, it’s important to always stay motivated on your journey. To those of you, who do not attend potential church, please allow me to share yesterday’s sermon with you. This resonated with me as I am in a constant battle on my journey to accomplishing my dreams. I hope you can find inspiration and motivation within these words to guide you throughout your week. 

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