Heart Toast

Hello Lovely,

Forgot about Valentine’s Day did you? This quick and easy breakfast idea will wow your partner and save your backside! Isn’t this a cute way to say I-love-you at breakfast on Valentine’s day? Pair it with the room service printable from our February E Magazine for a cute breakfast in bed for your hunnie.



· 2 slices of bread

· 2—3 tablespoons milk

· 34 drops red or pink food colouring

· Heart shaped cookie cutter

· Paintbrush


1. Use a heart cookie cutter to mark the shape of a heart into a slice of bread.  Be careful not to completely cut through the bread.  (Although, heart shaped coloured toast would actually be pretty fun too!)

2. Take a little bit of milk, maybe 2-3 tablespoons, and add 3 or 4 drops of red food colouring until you get the shade you want:

3. Use a paint brush to paint the heart red with the dyed milk:

4. Toast it in the toaster oven (not an actual toaster) to desired toastedness!