If I Could Have Any Super Power, it Would Be...

Hello Lovely,

This week I'm teaching my kids about tapping into their inner superhero. Last year we learned about Growth Mindsets so I thought it would be perfect to start the New Year off with this cute Arts & Crafts project made from recycled materials. All it takes to make this cute superhero accessory is one toilet paper tube, construction paper, glue and markers. I made mine first and showed up in costume to get the kids excited. After they got all of the giggles out of their system, I explained what they would be doing. They had to bring in their own toilet paper rolls to decorate, then come up with a super power, a name, a back story on how they got their power, and how they use their powers for good! Since I'm a Guidance Counsellor, I told them that I have the power to heal people from the inside out, my superhero name is Amethyst and I got my powers from the Amethyst stone, since it's my birthstone. 


How to make Superhero cuffs using toilet rolls tubes

You will need –

  • Toilet rolls x 2
  • Coloured paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  1. Begin by covering your toilet rolls in your favourite coloured paper. You can have your child colour the toilet roll using coloured pencils too. 
  2. Decorate the toilet roll with your child's super hero logo/symbol in the appropriate colours. You could use glitter, feathers, pompoms….the possibilities are endless. 
  3. Once you allow the cuffs to dry, simply cut the toilet roll down the back and fit it over your child’s arm. 

My kids loved this activity and came up with some really creative ideas. I had so much fun planning for this. I was always dressing up as a kid so it felt great to do it for my job! Would you like this try this activity? If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

I Made My First Wig!

Hello Lovely,

I HAVE NEVER BEEN THE PERSON TO WEAR WIGS! I always grew up with the belief that if you want it, earn it. That applied to my finances and my hair. It was only when I began working after college that I began to experiment with extensions. I first got into it when I bought coloured extensions, and hot glued the tracks to the comb clips so that I can slip them in and out. I'm very non-commital with hairstyles, hence why I don't have locs. When my hair was permed, I liked using the coloured extensions and soon matching extensions that I used to add length and thickness to my hair. I went from have 14" hair to about 18".

Since then I've worn extensions with braids but stayed away from sew-ins, glued in tracks, and whole wigs in general because I found they were too tight. One of my best friends has a wig collection and it's always fun seeing her instagram posts wearing the various wigs, so one day a light bulb went off in my head and I wondered how hard it would be to make one of my own. Although I knew wigs could be costly depending on the type of hair, to be honest I don't know Jack Squat about weave. But that didn't stop me from having a ball wig shopping with one of my bestie's! I've made two wigs so far and I've had so much fun making them. I definitely have room for improvement so I'm going to try again with my last wig. I'm making these wigs to wear whenever I'm having a bad hair day or if I don't feel like fixing my hair. So on my mission to that I decided to experiment with my hair and I really like the results so far!

Don't forget to follow me on Youtube as I will slowly start putting out videos on that platform. I'm thinking about making a video every two weeks. What do you guys think? Do you like following my adventures? Share your reactions to my first two wigs in the comment section below! I love hearing from you.

DIY Geometric Hand Dotted Wall Art

Hello Lovely,

I noticed that the walls of my office were a little bare and in much need of sprusing up. I decided that since I have so many love notes from students on my wall, a handmade artwork would fit perfectly with the decor theme I already had.

This project is really simple and fully customisable. I used the same hand dotted technique that I used with the Tumblers. All you need to make your own is:

  • 3-4 different complimentary colours of paint
  • Cotton swabs
  • 2 pieces of white cardstock 
  • Paper cutter
  • Glue/adhesive
  • Photo frame (desk or hanging)


  1. Start with one piece of cardstock. A fun alternative to this would be to cut multi-coloured pieces of cardstocks into fun shapes and designs then glue them onto your white cardstock.
  2. Dip your cotton swabs into the various colours and create your design. Maybe you want hand dotted, maybe you want to paint a design. It's completely up to you!
  3. Allow to dry completely. Fold the paper in half until it can't fold in half any more. Then using your paper cutter, cut into triangles. If you want to use a different shape, cut out those shapes from your paper.
  4. Arrange your pieces on the other cardstock in a design that you like, then glue in place. Allow to dry completely before placing inside of your photo frame, and that's it! Show off your artwork in your office or around the house. You can even get the kids involved in this project!

I think this can hang in a museum, don't you? Which designs would you make?

Green Recovery Smoothie 101

Hello Lovely,

You may have seen your co-worker downing a glass of green liquid pulp and wondering why would any one drink that. I have never been a lover of green smoothies. They’re green, icky and bitter. At least that’s what I used to think until a friend of mine showed me how to make them properly after a workout. I couldn’t believe spinach was actually in the smoothie. It tasted so good! She told me of a variety of ways you can make a green smoothie and how they make diets easier. After all, these green smoothies are a quick and easy way to get large amounts of fruits and leafy greens into your daily diet. If you don’t want to eat your veggies, why not drink them? I promise you, it CAN be tasty!

So what the heck goes in this smoothie you ask? Well, it’s a pretty simple (and tasty) combo: leafy greens + fruit +  liquid-base … and maybe some fancy superfood toppings like chia seeds or flaxseed. It may seem like a crazy diet fad, but honestly once you try a green smoothie, you’ll most likely become insanely addicted (like us)! And there is nothing better than downing 2 cups of spinach a day in a delightful fashion. And if you want to get all scientific, dark leafy greens contain: high-quality amino acids, important minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and beneficial phytonutrients. Fancy lingo aside, fruits and vegetables are good for you!

Ready to start blending?

You can use any green for your smoothie. Spinach, kale, romaine, bok choy, swiss chard, collards or dandelion all make great choices. Then choose your liquid base: water, coconut water or any milk of your choosing. Then it’s your fruits. Choose your fruits based on what you want this smoothie to do. You can use any fruit like bananas, mango, apple, berries, orange, avocado, peach, pear, pineapple or grapes.

This smoothie is a combination of 2 cups spinach, 1 cup Lactaid milk, one banana and 2 apples. That’s it! Nothing else needed. No added sugar because the fruits add sufficient natural sugar. I call it my recovery smoothie because your post-workout cocktail should be potassium and calcium rich in order to preserve muscular energy.


1. Tightly pack 2 cups of leafy greens in a measuring cup and then toss into blender.
2. Add 1 cup of your liquid base and blend together until all leafy chunks are gone.
3. Add 3 cups of fruit and blend again until smooth.
4. Pour into a mason jar (or cute cup of your choice).
5. Gulp or sip like a rock star!


DIY Ghoulish Glow Liquid Hand Soap

DIY Ghoulish Glow Liquid Hand Soap

You only need 5 ingredients to make your own all natural hand soap. And the best part is that it can easily be customised with your favourite scent just by adding your favourite essential oils. Check out the tutorial below to learn how to make your own just in time for Halloween!

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DIY Zipper Ring

Hello Lovely,

Remember when I shared my list of DIY projects to complete over the weekend? Well I’ve been slowly completing them over time, because of my busy work and school schedule. It’s been like little treats to myself to craft something in between all of the chaos.

So on Sunday, when I woke up to a rainy morning, I decided as a spur of the moment thing to do, instead of making breakfast, to make this ring! I knew it was going to be easy, but didn’t expect it to be so easy! It literally took me only 10 minutes to make this, including my BS time spent walking around aimlessly, and stopping to take photos of the Step-by-step. So if you’ve got a rainy afternoon, this is the perfect activity and takes very few supplies.


·        Zipper (cut in half; great because this can make two rings)

·        Blank ring (could be one that the pendant fell off of, or a blank ring from the craft store; mine is adjustable)

·        Glue gun and glue sticks

·        Gem stone for the middle

·        Small felt circle


Gather your supplies on your work surface. If you haven’t already, cut the zipper in half. A broken zipper is perfect for this because you won’t miss it. You’re going to need pliers to remove the actual zip piece if it’s still there.

Take your zip and tie it in a knot.

Then tuck the loose ends in on itself. It’s kind of like making a wreath. Use your glue gun to secure these pieces.

Attach the back of the zipper wreath to your felt circle. Because of my type of ring, I attached the felt to the ring itself to make sure it fit properly.

Glue the gem stone in the middle.

Attach to the ring base.

And rock your new ring!


See I told you it was easy! The great thing about this is that the design is totally customizable! And with two halves of a zipper to work with, you can always try again if you mess up.

What kind of designs are you thinking of trying with this?

Coconut Oil & Coffee Body Scrub

Hello Lovely,

So I LOOOOOVE coffee! I love it so much so, that when I joked with a teacher to bring me some coffee from her trip to Cuba, she actually brought me some! And another teacher gave me a baggie of coffee. I use it to cure my headaches and refuse to do work until I at least brew my coffee! And as bad as this sounds, one of the reasons I continued going to my church when I first started, was the free Starbucks coffee. Miraculously I don't drink coffee on Saturdays, but you can imagine, with me brewing coffee five days a week, that's a lot of coffee grounds being thrown away....or reused if you know what to do with them!

Yes, you can totally use used coffee grounds to make a spa-like body scrub.  Sounds crazy, right?  I recommend using 2 parts coconut oil to 1 part coffee grounds.  You want to use room temperature coconut oil, not quite melted, still solid but soft enough to scoop out.  Pour the two ingredients into a medium sized bowl.  Doesn’t look too luxurious at this point, does it?  But, just you wait!  Then use a hand mixer to whip the oil and coffee grounds together.

And this is what it looks like after you have whipped it up.  You guys, it smells so gooooooooooood. I’m not a fan of the scent of coconut but the coffee definitely makes up for it!  And doesn’t it look like Cookies ‘n’ Cream ice cream?  But DO NOT eat it.  I mean you could because it’s all technically edible, but it would be so gross.  So just smell it.  And put it on your skin.  But not in a creepy Silence of the Lambs way.

This works like any other body scrub.  Scrub it on your skin in a circular motion, rinse it off, and pat your skin dry.  Since neither oil nor the coffee grounds are shower drain friendly, don’t use more than you need to and run hot water down your drain for a while after use.  I found that my skin felt like I had just bathed in body butter, and if that’s an icky feeling for you too, don’t worry; the feeling goes away after about ten minutes, and you won’t even need to wear lotion!

If you store the scrub in an airtight container, it will last a few weeks — but toss it out at any signs of mould or mildew.  Keeping the jar of scrub in the fridge will extend its life a bit longer.  Also, if you store the scrub above 76 degrees the coconut oil will start to melt again.  If that happens just pop it in the fridge for a bit, and then whip it up again.

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DIY Gold Edge Painted Business Cards

Hello Lovely,

After sharing my interest in this find last week, I couldn't wait to get started on this project! It really it so quick and easy, but don't take any detail for granted when prepping for this! Edge painting can really bring a business card to life. When I got my business cards done, I was absolutely in love with them! I didn't think they could look any better! 

But I was inspired to give them an edge and this project is so easy, it really only takes about 5 minutes, including drying time! All you have to do is simply stack the cards (cover the top and bottom of the cards with a piece of paper to take the brunt of the paint), place a heavy object on top and spray the edges with gold spray paint. After letting them dry for 3 minutes they were ready to go and the finished effect is just what was needed to complete the right look.

My only regret is that I didn't paint my nails before doing this, and I didn't have painters tape to ensure no residue got on the main card area. So try to keep some on hand before you start painting!