What I'm Doing For Cinco De Mayo

Hello Lovely,

I’m so excited for this weekend because there’s so much happening. Not only is it Carnival Weekend, it’s also Cinco De Mayo on Sunday! I’m kicking off this weekend with Insomnia tonight. The artists lined up for tonight is Bunji Garlin, Kes the Band, Patrice Roberts, Dexta Daps, Voice, Sketch Carey, Rik Carey and Benji. It’s going to be sheer madness so I’m taking a nap immediately after work to rest up since I know Bunji Garlin won’t hit the stage until about 2 am. I’m not going to the saturday night event: Amnesia because I don’t feel like standing through a bunch of artists I don’t really care for just to listen to Machel for the 3rd year in a row. Don’t get me wrong, I love Machel, but I really think it’s time we get a new Carnival headliner just to mix things up a bit, you know. I’m also not doing the road march because I could not fathom spending a minimum of $300 on a costume that I can only wear once. (I barely wanted to spend $50 on my Wonder Woman costume for my school’s Christmas play). But that’s not all I’m doing this weekend! 


Sunday is Cinco do Mayo and my friends are of course celebrating as usual. For Cinco De Mayo, we’re having a gathering by my best friend Telia (our resident Mexican in the group. She’s not actually Mexican but we just love calling her tha0)t. We’re having tacos, quesadillas, chips and dips, nachos and LOTS of alcohol. I’m experimenting with a new margarita from Vintage Kitty, called the Orange Turmeric Margarita. Turmeric can be very potent but I’m excited to see how I can turn this into everyone’s new favourite drink.

I’m also boozing it up with these irresistible Margarita Cupcakes! Dessert is always the afterthought of Cinco de Mayo. Tacos and guac are of utmost importance, I get it. As are the margaritas. But after all the salty snacks (and drinks), sweets are definitely in order. I’m hoping these boozy cupcakes keep the fiesta going.

Of course there will be games. I love playing What do You Meme because my friends can be pretty savage so the responses are hilarious! You have to check out this game and play this at your next function. CAUTION: This game is not for the uptight, overly religious, humourless people who are out of touch with pop culture. If they blush at a caption card, they probably shouldn’t play the game.

How are you spending Cinco de Mayo? Do you have any dish recommendations for the fiesta? Do you have any plans of attending Carnival? Share your weekend plans in the comment section below!

Friday Favourites: DIY Crafts to Celebrate Earth Day

Hello Lovely,

Earth Day is just 2 days away, and I'm so excited! Why? Because it's an excellent reason to share with you my favorite crafts: Upcycled Crafts! There are many different household items you can recycle or repurpose to give your space an eco-friendly flair! Today we're looking at crafts using easy to find items such as cardboard boxes and tin cans. Cardboard is one of my favorite items to upcycle, and it's a great way to feel a little less guilty about all of those Amazon boxes that arrive at your front door. Looking to get organised? Well there is no need to buy more organizing or craft supplies, when all you need to do is look to your kitchen. Put those empty tin cans to use with a beautiful upcycling project.

How To Make 3D Faux Metal Letters – From Cardboard!


Are you a sucker for all things industrial? Well that's what drew me into this project! I think if I try to make this my mother would officially kick me out, but if you have space for something like this on your wall, I would 100% recommend it! I mean think about how much money you would save! Thanks to Chip and Joanne, EVERYONE is on the farmhouse/galvanized/industrial home décor trend so these are not cheap! But if you make it yourself, that's something you can brag about!



With a few supplies, you can easily upcycle cardboard boxes and make beautiful custom storage and organizing boxes for your home. I already know which room I want to put these in!

Cardboard box shelves

An easy step-by-step DIY project for cardboard box shelves from homes+ magazine - make it yourself and transform everyday objects into something special for your home. I'm thinking of making one of these to hold my shoes in.

DIY Paint Can Herb Garden


If you’re a serial DIY-er like myself, I’m sure you’ve been stumped when it comes to dealing with old empty paint cans.  Try a hanging garden!

Make Your Own Reusable Dryer Sheets

How to Make Reusable Dryer Sheets.jpg

Making your own reusable dryer sheets is a no-brainer way to save money AND the environment! This method is so simple you'll never BUY dryer sheets again!

Weekend Diaries + Weekday Wardrobe

Hello Lovely,

This has been a tough and long week. A little drama at work left me feeling drained but lucky for me, I have great friends who always provide the best support system for me. As always my weekend started on Thursday. I had dinner with a friend. We made a Chicken and Bacon Pasta with Spinach and Tomatoes in Alfredo Sauce. We were supposed to add wine to the sauce but accidentally drank it all. It was still absolutely delicious and I was super grateful to have enough leftover for lunch the next day. If I make it again, I'll definitely take a photo and share the recipe!

On Friday, I decided to go to a wine Tasting at Mahogany House with a co-worker to relax. Unfortunately it wasn't a very relaxing experience. I've never been one to mention race on my blog but I cannot ignore the blatant racism I experienced. The server was a white male, mid-40's, and it took another white male to get his attention for me to get my next glass of wine. I was bothered by how he completely ignored all of the black patrons in favour of explaining the flavours of the wines to the white patrons.

Then, during a conversation with the white gentleman who assisted me, I was appalled as he explained that he didn't think schools should stop teaching classics like Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and Emily Dickinson in favour of modern works such as Maya Angelou. I stood there thinking to myself, "This man does understand that he just said he doesn't think Maya Angelou is a good poet to a black woman with natural hair?" It took a lot for me to remain calm and after educating him on the importance of black children learning about their history and roots from people who actually look like them, I was more than happy to leave with my co-worker.


We ended up salsa dancing at Harbourside after that. I have missed salsa dancing so much. I did it about four years ago but I totally fell off. Then on Saturday, I went Salsa dancing again at Melia with two of my girlfriends. I'm thinking about going every weekend so that I can get back into it and use it as a workout plan.


Today after church, I  went to the beach to support one of my closest friends Erin's baptism. It was a great moment and I'm so proud of her! I had a great weekend and I'm looking forward to resting today before going back to work tomorrow.

Before I forget, this week, I challenged myself to wear grey every day at work and I succeeded! The only thing I don't like about the change in season is that because the sun rises later, I can't get decent photos of anything in the morning before I leave home. I think this dissatisfaction is evident on my face. But I think you can still see the outfits pretty clearly. Here are my looks from this week:

Well that's all for me guys. Remember to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with everything i'm doing because I don't always remember to mention it here. How are you spending your Sunday?

Weekend Diaries: Hurricane Irma + Family = Cabin Fever

Weekend Diaries: Hurricane Irma + Family = Cabin Fever

Above all things I want to give God thanks that the Hurricane did not hit my country, but I am mortified at the damage it has done to the rest of the Caribbean. I will be taking this week off from the blog to focus on creating new content. At the bottom of this post I have listed 15 relief efforts you can support to help these countries to rebuild.

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Weekend Diaries + Weekday Wardrobe

Hello Lovely,

School reopened this week for us and with it brought on more anxiety than I expected. I've been exhausted all week and a little on edge. Even with sleep, I haven't felt like I got enough sleep. Truthfully, I really haven't gotten enough sleep. I've had a lot of late nights and early mornings, which doesn't gel well with my work schedule. I was looking forward to resting this weekend, but I had family in town and a birthday party. I'm sure I'll get used to it soon.

I also lost my 16GB memory card which had Wednesday's outfit on it. I was so heartbroken and on Thursday and Friday I was rushing out of the house, but here's what I was able to capture.



Blouse by JcPenny, skirt from Black Food Shop and Shoes from Shoedazzle



Blouse from Forever 21, Pants from Primark and Shoes (not visible) from Christian Siriano



Dress by Talbots but purchased at a yard sale

My weekend started as always on Thursday when my friend Richard took me to a meeting. At first we thought it was one of those pyramid schemes but it turned out to be something for Dream Nation. It was interesting and I'll look more deeply into it to ensure it's worthwhile before investing.

Saturday morning, my family went to the Hilton for breakfast. The spread was amazing and delicious. I wasn't satisfied with the Maxwell House coffee though so I had to walk out to the Starbucks for a Caffe Latte. 

I wore my green bodycon dress from Primark with my Primark shades and a pair of wedges I've had for quite some time.

My mum even made me take some photos of my brother and his pregnant girlfriend while we waited for the rest of the family to take a group shot.

After breakfast, I went to the African Pop Up Shop and bought a bodycon dress for work. I tried on the beige one which was a size 6 but it was too small so I had to buy the blue one (identical to the one photographed) in a size 8. I also couldn't resist the necklaces and got one for my grandmother!

So that was my weekend. I can't believe how many photos I had to share! I love how the photos turned out. Especially the ones of my brother's girlfriend. I'm really starting to like maternity photography so I'll let you guys know how that goes for me. How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

Weekend Diaries

Hello Lovely,


This weekend was another jam packed weekend. It started with a wine tasting on Thursday that I went to with a friend. I was disappointed with the last two wine tastings because I didn't enjoy the selections, but this one was much better. It was an Italian White Wine event. I loved the first two wines, but the third was just not my kind of wine and they ran out of the fourth wine.


On Friday I hung out at Underground Bistro with two friends and drank a few beers while we chatted about music and life. It was relaxing even when the rain came down and left us stranded on a street corner.

I'm trying to create a better hair care regime because I have seriously been neglecting my hair. After finding out through Instagram that my hair stylist moved to Turks & Caicos, I had to find a new hairdresser. Luckily I was able to find one who makes house calls and I am completely satisfied! My hair already feels healthier and it's far from dry. I plan on getting it done with a deep treatment every two weeks.

School starts tomorrow and I can't wait! How was your weekend?


Weekend Diaries + Outfit Post

Hello Lovely,

I wish I could say this was an easy week for me. I started the week off with going to the beach on National Lazy Day, but after that things got a little difficult and disappointing. Lately I've been really hard on myself. I'm super critical of all my creative work, totally mad at my hair right now for not being "pretty" like the other natural girls on TV and still struggling to eat without feeling sick (thanks to acid reflux). A few projects I'm working on are proving harder than I thought they'd be and the prognosis isn't looking so good, but I'm determined so I'll keep trying. But hands down my favourite moment of the week was catching with one of my best friends. While we were eating a thunder and lighting storm began, trapping us at the coffeehouse. It might've been a nightmare for some people, but little moments like that make me grateful for great friends and hilarious conversation.


If you've been a longtime reader, you know I'm heavily involved in my church. I'm the Creative Producer so I'm in charge of making sure the service runs smoothly, looks good and everyone knows what they're supposed to do. It requires a lot of communicating and every time a volunteer is needed, I'm usually one of the mandatory people there. That included being at a book study at 5:30 in the morning and staying until 10 at night the next day to prepare for a yard sale. The yard sale was another early morning (6 am call time) and church this morning. Needless to say I am wiped out!


I return to work tomorrow (not sure where I'll find the energy from). To prepare I've been planning outfits to make my mornings easier. I decided to try out my new heels from Shoedazzle to see how comfortable they would be before wearing to work. I'm so glad I did. I HATE THESE SHOES! To be honest I'm starting to hate all Shoedazzle and JustFab shoes. The heel is comfortable so standing and walking is no problem but the back of the shoe chafed my heel so badly within the first hour of wearing the shoe that I had cuts and needed band aids just to keep wearing them.


The jacket is from Primark. I think I spent £8 or £10 on it. I wanted to wear it when I went out for dinner in London but with the outfit I had picked, it ended up looking like a lab coat. I felt like one of the Captains from the anime Bleach. It was not a cute look. So this is the first time I've been able to successfully pair this jacket to pull a look together.


The skirt came from H&M, which I bought last December while shopping with one of my old girlfriends from college and the blouse is pretty old from a local clothing store called Adam and Eve. And the ring is from a store called Six in Switzerland. I got it on sale for 2.50 CHF (Swiss Francs) 


Here's to hoping this week gets better. I can't wait to show you my outfits at the end of the week. Have a great week everyone!

Weekend Diaries

Hello Lovely,

This week has been great. I’m still working on my patio furniture but I finished the bar. There are still somethings I want to do with it, but it’s functional now. I got my final grade for grad school and guess what? I aced my final course! I’m still awaiting official word from the university that I have graduated and I can’t wait to get my diploma in the mail. I also had fun with a friend of mine who visited from Toronto. We went salsa dancing and I went to a street party with my best friend Krista.

I was finally able to sleep better this week, but poor eating habits triggered my acid reflux so I’m currently nursing that. I also recently started reading the Qur’an, something I’ve wanted to do for years. So far it’s an interesting read.

Speaking of interesting reads, these are some of my favourite reads from around the internet this week:

·        Make chores fun with this app

·        This is one of my new favourite shows on Netflix.

·        These instagrammers know how to stay fit

·        I love her DIYs

·        I’ve got to have some of these doughnuts

·        These are some great organisation tips

How was your week? Did you do anything exciting on the weekend to celebrate or unwind?

Friday Favourites: 5 Projects to Try This Weekend

Hello Lovely,

We have officially survived the first week of the year! How did you do? Was it a breeze or are you already planning your first escape? If you work a Monday-Friday, weekends are a reward for you. They're a great time to unwind and tackle projects around the house you didn't have a chance to do during the week. Personally, I like to try new things on Saturday mornings. The lighting is perfect, it's usually quiet around the house and by the time I'm done with everything it's time for me to go to church for practice. On a good day, I can knock out three projects in one day! 

So if you're looking for the perfect project to tackle this weekend, check out these five projects below! 

1. DIY Painted Shoes

Got a pair of shoes that could use a little TLC? Don't throw them away just yet! This is a great way to refresh a pair of heels where the fabric may be peeling a little. 

Got a pair of shoes that could use a little TLC? Don't throw them away just yet! This is a great way to refresh a pair of heels where the fabric may be peeling a little. 

2. DIY Mini Colourful Dessert Goblets

Did you know that the Dollar Tree has six packs of these goblets for just $1? I had this project pinned for months before finally being able to get some. I can't wait to try this out and make a yummy dessert to serve in it too!

Did you know that the Dollar Tree has six packs of these goblets for just $1? I had this project pinned for months before finally being able to get some. I can't wait to try this out and make a yummy dessert to serve in it too!

Here's another Dollar Tree craft. All you need is some paint, a photo frame (one of those plastic ones with the attached stand), a glue gun and one of your kids toy animals. Don't feel like a bad mommy. This would look so cool on the bookcase.

Here's another Dollar Tree craft. All you need is some paint, a photo frame (one of those plastic ones with the attached stand), a glue gun and one of your kids toy animals. Don't feel like a bad mommy. This would look so cool on the bookcase.

Who's got 2 thumbs, and just bought chalkboard spray paint for under $4 from Walmart? This gal! There are so many projects that you can do with chalkboard spray paint including this one that can be made with recycled materials.

Who's got 2 thumbs, and just bought chalkboard spray paint for under $4 from Walmart? This gal! There are so many projects that you can do with chalkboard spray paint including this one that can be made with recycled materials.

5. Photo Frame Tray

How gorgeous is this tray? And can you believe this can be made with a frame from the Dollar Tree and some re-purposed drawer handles? This project will brighten up any coffee table.

How gorgeous is this tray? And can you believe this can be made with a frame from the Dollar Tree and some re-purposed drawer handles? This project will brighten up any coffee table.

Which projects are you excited about? Do you have your own project you're going to work on? Share your weekend plans with us in the comment section below. We love hearing from you!

Friday Favourites: What to Make This Weekend

Hello Lovely,

The weekend is here, so I thought it would be a good idea to round up some fun DIY projects for you to look at.  This was you can check them all out in one place and pick the one that you enjoy!  The only problem is…I think you are going to like them all.

It’s time to get your Craft on and get inspired to do some fun crafts!

Wouldn't these plates look just lovely at a spring brunch with the girls (or boys? or dogs?)? I know several ladies who would 'ooh' and 'aah' over these beauties as they eat their fruit and cupcakes. That's what you serve at brunch right? 

Sometimes simpler is just better, and these DIY confetti pattern plates are about as easy as it gets! Also good to note: no one is ever expected to be a professional painter when it comes to using Q-tips cotton swabs as your disposable party paint brushes of choice, so the more abstract the better. If you can dot an I, then you’ve got this one covered! Plus you can use this same concept as inspiration for just about any surface that you want to pattern — table linens, notecards, back-to-school school supplies, you name it.

Napkin rings can make such a beautiful impact on your table setting.  They dress up any table and provide visual interest.  I have a handful of silver napkin rings that we purchased when we were first married, but I wanted something with a warmer, crafted feel.   These autumn acorn napkin rings are the perfect accent for custom cloth napkins.

Here’s what you’ll need:

For a Geometric Mat
Masking Tape
Acrylic Paint

Optional (for a more complex design)
Exacto Knife
Permanent Marker
Paper (tracing / printer)

I’ve been wanting to try making my own DIY version of my favourite headband for quite some time. If you’re not an experienced seamstress don’t worry, I’m not either and this project comes together really quickly and quite painlessly. Your stitches and seams don’t have to be perfectly aligned which can make this a favourite kind of pattern. It’s a great way to use up fabric scraps that you love. 


So…what do you think?  Have you picked out a DIY Project for this weekend…or is it two…maybe three!!!!!  I just hope you have tons of fun creating and making your family and friends smile!