Tuesday Ten: 10 Summer-Ready Outfits for Work

Tuesday Ten: 10 Summer-Ready Outfits for Work

Summer is coming and with it a whole new set of office-appropriate-attire rules to follow. Make the most of every single day—and balmy night—this summer with any one of these gorgeous inspirational looks that will help you seamlessly transition between the boardroom and after-hours cocktails. And with my added tips, you'll be sure to rock this summer in style (without getting fired)!

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Holiday Style Guide

The holiday season is upon us and every woman is scratching her head trying to figure out what's the best outfit choice for that special event. Some women are body concious and some women are comfortable showing everything. There's nothing wrong with either. But you've also got the few that just can't seem to dress appropriately.

So for every woman out there freaking out over what to wear and what NOT to wear, here's a quick style guide to help you through the holiday season!

Have fun at your office parties, and be safe!

If you're going to drink, designate a driver and don't sleep on strangers couches/floors/beds/etc.

Happy Holidays and remember,

Stay Fashionable!

5 Proportion Tricks I Swear By & You Should Too



When I get ready in the morning, I try to gravitate toward those outfits that flatter our specific silhouettes best. And let's be real, some days are better than others. You too? Thought so. So over time, I've learned a few tricks to turn even my worst days into good days, if not some of my best dressed days! And the best part is these tricks essentially work for a range of different body types and styles. Here are 5 proportion tricks I swear by that you should too!




The simplest way to make your legs look instantly longer is to wear a long maxi skirt. The key is pairing a shorter, cropped shirt up top. Something longer that extends below the top of the skirt will only cut off the part of your legs you're trying to elongate.


Toss on an A-line dress to emphasize the smallest portion of your body: your waist. It's literally the easiest way to look your absolute best—and takes little to no effort.


Lengthen your frame by cinching in your waist up top with a belt. If you add a belt higher up, you'll look slimmer than if you wear it a bit lower. Above I'm wearing a custom belt with a custom dress, that I also added a criss-cross feature in the front for an added slimming effect.


If you want to draw attention away from any of your problem areas, the simplest thing to do is opt for a deep-V shirt that will open up your face and bring attention upward. Above, I made this dress with a deep opening in the front for an All White Party.


If you're not feeling an A-line dress but still want to cinch in your waist, tie something around it. But that doesn't just mean a classic belt; a cool shirt tied around your waist works great, or a piece that features a built-in tie. Above, I have a custom peplum belt that works great to hide any problem areas and reduce the appearance of inches on my waist!


How do you dress to display your best assets? Share your favourite style tips in the comments below!



Summer-to-Fall Essentials That Look Good on Everyone

Hi friends!

It's Wednesday, which means it's Hump Day and I'm feeling particularly humpalicious! I'm not entirely sure what that means, but let's just roll with it shall we?

Last night was the season finale of Pretty Little Liars, and I couldn't be more satisfied! Well at least until about the last 15-30 seconds when they said 5 Years Later. Seriously, my life was finally complete. I've been watching this show from the beginning (however many years that is) and I FINALLY got the answer to who A was, with an ENTIRE backstory that explained EVERYTHING (won't spoil anything) and then they had to hint that the whole thing is pretty much starting up again. I just may have to take up residence in Radley myself after that plot twist.


But the show is over until Winter, which means my weekly fix for all things dramatic and fashionable, or fashionably dramatic or dramatically fashionable (however you want to put it) is on hold. Although summer fashion shows are now coming to an end, signaling the impending chill of fall, don't rush to ditch your summer duds just yet. I'm gonna show you how to transition some of your Summer Essentials into Fall Classics, while avoiding the seasonal mall rush!

(Click on photos for links to items and cost)

(Click on photos for links to items and cost)

1. The Slip Dress

For high-octane glamour with a nonchalant edge, the slip dress is the perfect pick. It's great by itself on a summer day with sandals, but when the weather starts to get a little chilly, adding a cardigan, trench coat, parka or military jacket is the perfect way to transition this traditional summer look into a fall beauty.

2. The Maxi Skirt

For a forever chic look, go all out for the leg lengthening virtues of the maxi skirt. Whether you opt for a sleek column fit or a wafting voluminous shape; rework your maxi with bold prints, sheer mesh finishes and dipped and asymmetric hemlines.

3. Infinity Scarves

Scarves are timeless accessories used throughout the year’s seasons and fall is no exception! Layer up and give your outfit that extra pop with a cute scarf.

4. Kimono Cardigans

It almost never gets cold in the Bahamas. And if it does, it only drops to the 60's. Christmas day is usually a sweltering 80 degrees. Which means some afternoons can still get pretty warm! But if you want the illusion of a fall cardigan while still staying cool, cover up with a light kimono cardigan draped over!

5. Skater Skirts:

Always have a few pretty skater skirts lying around! The thing I love most about skater skirts is how versatile they are. You could dress 'em up with heels and a blazer, or take a more casual (or practical depending on how cold it gets) approach with tights, boots, and a knit cardigan or parka. And the best part about skater skirts? They're stylish all year round!

Which Summer-to-Fall look is your favourite? Sound off on either this page, my Facebook page, or on the Polyvore page. And if you haven't followed me on Polyvore yet, you totally should! It's like cool and stuff. And totally filled with pretty, shiny things. Have I convinced you? Good! See you in next post!



How to Tell Your Friends that They Dress Badly

I firmly believe in wearapy; that being the way we dress has a significant effect not only on how others perceive us, but how we feel about ourselves. The way you dress should be a reflection of who you are. You can also express your mood through your outward appearance. Not everyone dresses the same, and that’s okay. But somewhere along the line, you’ve deemed yourself to be more knowledgeable in fashion and trends, and now you’re looking at your friends, trying to figure out how to save them from a fashion disaster. This could be either a fun or a really sensitive topic when confronting the person. But sometimes you just need to let your friends know that they dress badly. Here’s 5 tips on how you can begin to have that conversation.

1. Let Them Know You Care

This can be a delicate situation to handle. It’s always better to start out with how much you care and appreciate them. Make sure they know that you only want what’s best for them. Maybe you can try having this conversation over a glass of wine or their favourite comfort food. Make sure they’re comfortable before you begin the attack. Don’t make them feel like this is an intervention, even though it basically is.

2. Ask Them Why They Dress that way

Before you go off on what you think is wrong with what they wear, it’s good to get their perspective. Everyone has their reasoning for why they think it’s okay to wear pyjama pants or a satin cap in public at four in the afternoon. You may not agree, but to them it makes sense.  Whatever their reason is, help them get over it or through it. Be a good friend. After finding out why they won’t change, give them a reason to change.

3. Ask Them if They Want to Change

No one likes to have someone else’s views shoved down their throat. Don’t forget, opinions are like private body parts: It’s great to have, but when you start swinging it in someone’s face, no one’s happy. When they do decide to change, make sure you’re there for them and willing to help. Don’t be the friend that nags them to change but doesn’t help. That’s unsupportive and what kind of person does that make you look like?

4. Be Upfront about it

Upfront. Not mean. Sometimes that friend just needs to hear it straight, no lies, no sugar coating. Don’t leave any room for misunderstanding, and let them know you’re being serious. You can start by telling them why you question what they wear. Maybe the slouchy pants and stained t-shirt makes them look a little sloppy. It’s also better if they know that it’s not just you that is bothered by how they dress. Explain how their appearance affects their lives. Is your best friend still single and only has her cats to look forward to on a Friday night? Or maybe that job interview ended before it even began. Bring up past experiences in their life and let them know that the reason why something happened is because they dress badly. This involves explaining what is wrong with their clothes. If the crop top is too small for her body, let her know! Plumber crack is not sexy people! And no one wants to be seen with 18th century school librarian. Not only is she making herself look bad, she’s making you look bad as well because other people are going to say, “She couldn’t tell her friend she looks bad”?

5. Tell Them How They Can Change

Maybe your friend already knows they want to change but has no idea where to begin. Telling someone to change without giving them the tools to do so is a setup for failure. Give them inspiration; whether it’s reruns of ‘What Not to Wear’ or ‘How do I Look’, or making them a board on Pinterest. (And if they don’t know what Pinterest is, there may not be help for them at this point). You can also go the subtle route and just buy the clothes you would want to see them in as a birthday or Christmas present. You can even go the cheap route by just offering to share your closet with them. Explain how fashion works and give them choices. Explain the difference and why one choice is better than the other. Help them find their actual style in a modest and subtle way.


Some of you probably have one person in mind the entire time you’ve been reading this, or maybe that person is you. If you’re having trouble with defining your sense of style, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Some of you may genuinely not care what others think of you and that’s fine. There’s no need to depend on the validation from others to feel special or good about yourselves. But if you find yourself constantly falling on hard times, or feeling like you just can’t catch a break, it’s okay to make a few cosmetic changes, if it means that at the end of the day, YOU are happy with yourself. Because if you’re not putting your best foot forward, you’re only doing yourself a disservice.