Ten Kid-Friendly Recipes to Spookify your Halloween

Hello Lovely,

One thing Halloween pushes us to be is creative. Whether it’s to win Best dressed in Primary School,. Coolest outfit in high school or the creepiest/most eye catching one in college.  And it’s not just about the costumes! There’s the candy, the house decorations, the spook-tacular props and themes.  Kids not only love the aspects of Halloween like trick or treating, dressing up and having fun with friends but they also love ‘getting their hands dirty.’  They want to be a part of making the Halloween moment come to life.

Here are 10 fun and interactive recipe ideas for kids during the Halloween season:

  1. Don’t forget the vegans!  This pecan pumpkin cupcake recipe offers all the moisture and tastiness of a cupcake without the fat of dairy (eggs, butter, milk)

  2. What’s easier than a mug, hot chocolate and an extra fluffy topping of whipped cream? Not much! While most drink recipes may call for an average of 6 ingredients, this Ghost Whip recipe is perfect for a pair looking to cozy up or for the kids during a sleepover or movie night.

  3. Jack of Lanterns now come in bite sized! Using ready-made pie crust and pumpkin puree, the kids will enjoy shaping the faces of these miniature pop tarts using toothpicks.  You can create faces from silly to scary in seconds!

  4. The Wormy Weenie has the creepy factor of slim, squirmy worms with the tastiness of the beef hotdog.  With one bite, these worms go from scary to yummy.  Kids will definitely like playing with the worms before they eat them.

  5. They’ll scream and bite on these Cheesy fingers , made with white cheddar and almonds

  6. Get twisted with this spider web pizza.  In three easy steps, you’ll have a tangled web of cheese and an edible spider.

  7. Get wrapped up with these meatball mummies that have a burst of flavor and googley eyes.  There’s also a vegan version.

  8. Choco-peanut butter Bat Bites, with Oreo wings.

  9. Ooey gooesy monster cookies

  10. A healthier option are monster mouths made with sliced apples and peanut butter.