The Best Gift For A Literary Lover In Your Life

Hello Lovely,

I know I can be pretty boujee at times but now you guys are going to think that I’m pushing it. I love trying new products and recommending them to you guys, and occasionally I stumble upon a product I’ve never heard of. Sometimes I wait to share things with you because I want to ensure consistent good service before I recommend the company. I should let you guys know that even though this is a paid promotion, all opinions are completely mine and I don’t HAVE to give a positive report.


Earlier this month Literary Book Gifts reached out to me to promote their writing gloves. Now forgive me, but I had heard of driving gloves before, but never writing gloves. I thought, are these some kind of special glove that somehow improves your handwriting? Or is it just some fancy thing to wear to look extra boujee when you write? Apparently writing gloves actually serve a purpose outside of aesthetics. They work essentially as hand warmers and that makes a lot of sense.


Sometimes my boyfriends house is cold with the AC on, so I wrap up extra tight at night. Often when I can’t sleep, I want to reach for my phone, but I don’t want to remove my hands from the warm covers. Writing gloves are basically socks for your hands, and I know that’s probably underselling it. These writing gloves are fingerless (like most). They made out of a soft cashmere knit so these gloves are perfect for handwriting, typing, touch screens, and crafting. Specifically the gloves are made of a breathable knit of about 35% cashmere wool, with a blend of cotton, polyester, and microfiber for durability. They’re available in 13 different colours including Blush Pink (pictured), white, electric blue, violet, heather purple/grey,/navy blue and charcoal just to name a few.


I wore these gloves all day while typing on my computer and scrolling through various apps on my phone. Not only did it successfully keep my hands warm, but I also felt support for my wrist, which is super important since I have carpal tunnel.