The Trick I Use To Be More Photogenic


‘Ick! I look TERRIBLE!’

Hello Lovely,

Do you struggle to take the “perfect picture”? Do you take 20 selfies and find you only like 2? Or none? I know sometimes it looks sooooo easy for some people and you may wonder what’s their secret? Or maybe they’re just naturally photogenic and have a “gift”. Trust me, even the prettiest people can take an ugly photo. Some people think you have to have a face full of makeup, the perfect location and just the right outfit for their photo to look food. Although having a glam team helps, there’s also a specific pose many of them (including me) use to ensure that their best features are captured every single time. 

A lot of people feel intimidated or unnatural when posing for photos, so I’m breaking down a few of my takeaways that I’ve learned over the years to make you feel confident the next time you step in front of the lens. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that your mood HUGELY impacts how photogenic you are. If you’re like me and wear your emotions on your sleeve, whenever you’re tired or annoyed, it’s going to show on your face. But if you’re confident and happy you’ll love your photos a lot more! Keep reading to see my full list.…(All photos were shot by Bruno B Photography - except the last two).


Try an alternative to the hand on the hip. 

A lot of people like to do a hand on the hip pose to create more space between their arm and their waist, but it can look overly staged. Instead, try finding space in more organic ways. If you’re holding a dress, swing it by your side. If you have a purse, pull it forward. These are all ways of creating a visual “belt” for your waist.


Create angles and dimension. 

Whenever you can, create dimensions with your body for a more dynamic shot. I like to add a bend to my knees, or do what is sometimes called the “Barbie toe.” Take a slight step and point your toe forward. This elongates the leg and makes the shot a little more visually interesting than when your feet are standing straight next to each other.


Get moving. 

If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, move around. Think of each shot like a Boomerang, instead of holding a smile in one pose. If you need to shake off your nerves, walk around or play some music and start dancing. I like to capture shots of myself and clients walking right at the start of a session because it makes everyone feel relaxed and at ease.


Always hold the camera slightly above eye height and tilt down

Where we place the camera we will naturally look. So if we place if chin height and we look down, we will ultimately be taking a one way trip to chin city. Always wonder why you have a double chin in photos? This is the reason why. Place the camera in line or above eye height where you have to look up which will elongate the neck and jaw line will ultimately make you look several pounds lighter in photos. See!


Ready to try it yourself? 

All you have to do is tilt your head ever so slightly to your best side and lower your chin. OK, now smile (or squinch, if that’s more your style).

Which is your best side? 

I know: That might not be something you've ever thought about. But according to a study at Wake Forest University, most people are more emotionally expressive on their left sides (for me it's my right).

As for the tilt, it works because it's subtle. The angling softens any unflattering shadows and brings out your jawline so your face looks slimmer overall. And here you thought you were always supposed to keep your chin up. Overall, aim for poses that feel more natural and fun, rather than stiff and staged, by looking for new angles and connections.

Do you all have any other tips for posing? 

Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to just have fun!