Top 5 Posts From February 2017

Hello Lovely,

I can't believe February is already over! I know that February is shortest month of the year, but boy was it short. And short months doesn't translate to less work. With Valentine's Day and my birthday in one month, it was crazy but still so much fun! Here are the five posts that you guys loved the most this month.

1. 3 Cocktails to Try This Valentine's Day: Earlier this month we gave you guys three different Valentine's Day themed cocktails to try and waited for you to tell us which one was your favourite! I heard a lot of love for the Strawberry Bellini. Which one was your favourite?

2. Surf & Turf - Salmon & Petit Steak: Mechelle shared a romantic dinner recipe for two with a unique twist on the classic surf n turf.

3. 27 Never Looked So Good: My 27th birthday was pretty awesome and I loved sharing every moment with you guys. My jumpsuit came from Silhouette Lines for $89 and my heels were bought on sale for under $30 two years ago.

4. Who knew you guys liked Valentine's Day so much! You loved the cool date ideas we shared with the free printable. Did you enjoy your Valentine?

5. How to Make Baobab Juice: After receiving our free sample of Baobab Juice, I was really excitted to try Baobab Juice. A simple combination of carrots and oranges with Baobab powder is a great way to start your day! Get the recipe here.