Tuesday 10: 10 Style Rules Every Girl Knows Like the Back of Her Hand

Find the Right Underwear

Spinning around and checking yourself out in the mirror is no longer enough. Grab your roommate or S.O. and have him or her snap a photo of your look from the front and back - especially if the material you're wearing is thin. Running outside and letting the natural light shine down on you isn't a bad idea, either. It's not just contrast colours you should keep your eyes peeled for, but pantylines or the hem of a slip.


Don't Incorporate Too Many Trends in 1 Look

We get it, the whole colorblock effect is cool, but don't overdo it. These patchwork jeans actually work well with metallic pumps, which up the fancy factor of the overall look. But if these heels were anything but neutral colors that work with anything, they might overshadow the detail on the denim. Know when to break up your look with a simple white tee, and remember that sometimes a little goes a long way - especially when it comes to supertrendy items.

Steer Clear of Drowning Yourself in an Oversize Silhouette

Got a maxi that's just too long or too big? Add a tight white tee to break it up and give off the illusion of a skirt. And don't let it take over! Playful pumps that accent a statement necklace work to round out your outfit and create balance.

Strike the Right Shoe-Pant Proportion

This mistake can happen with a pair of jeans and boots, palazzo pants and heels, or a jumpsuit and flats. When it comes to nailing your shoe-pant proportion, any combination can be a recipe for disaster if you don't check yourself out before you walk out the door. If your bottoms are meant to be cropped, more than just your ankle should be visible. If your skinnies are tight, try rolling them, especially if your booties have little details meant to be shown off, like a suede tassel. Try to avoid unflattering combinations, like a wide-leg silhouette and flat shoes, which might give off the illusion of shorter legs. Instead, a pointed-toe heel will elongate your stems and make you appear taller, even in breezy trousers.

Don't Overlook the Length of Your Slit

If you're wearing a dress or skirt with a slit - especially for a fancy event - test it out with the shoes you plan on wearing. Walk down the street in it! Take long strides! Make sure your silhouette is movable and doesn't constrict you. Most importantly, ensure that you're not showing too much skin from behind or too much leg from the side.

Know When to Tuck in Your Top

I am a big fan of tucking my top in. I do it with almost every outfit! I like the sleek lines it gives me because I feel sloppy if I leave it out. Just be frank about it - if your go-to jeans make your booty look great, let the area shine. Just because your top's a little slouchy, doesn't mean you can't tuck it in, tie it up, or pull it to the side. A too-long tunic with structured denim just doesn't work in your favor. Practice coordinating your separates and make sure they meet in perfect harmony.

Choose Hemlines That Are Appropriate For Your Height

Cut-offs that are too long for your short legs, crop tops that are too short for your long torso - these slip-ups happen. But don't let them discourage you from trying out trendy items. For example, petite women can wear longline utilitarian vests, and this look is proof! Just make sure you're buying pieces in the right size and wearing them with complementary accessories. If you're not sure, bring along a friend who's got an eye for style on your shopping trip. Or try asking a sales associate: "Does this fit me correctly?"

When You're Going For a Monochrome Look, Don't Clash Your Separates

Monochrome looks are actually ridiculously easy to pull off, when you're sticking to basics. A dark heather sweatshirt will meet your light-wash gray denim, subtly drawing attention to the creases in your jeans. Instead of reaching for similar materials, the key to monochrome actually lies in contrasting textures. Accenting your look with a striking pair of shoes or playful jewels also helps to pull it all together and contributes a little extra polish.

Be Sure Not to Reveal Too Much of Your Bra

Sexy, strappy bras are on the rise. In fact, we've got a bit of our wardrobe sectioned off for them. But revealing the eye-catching details can be tricky. You want to show off your lingerie with sophistication and class. So, if you're managing this with a white top, make sure it's opaque and not too loose. Finish your outfit with stylish separates, like frayed denim, that scream, "I'm here to make a statement." And most importantly, work your look with confidence.

Don't put yourself inside a box

Don't feel like because you like preppy clothes, that you have to dress preppy 24/7. Feel free to mix it up! Do grunge one day and dinner with the President the next. The great thing about fashion is that's it's basically a buffet. Style is how you own it. And style, should be fun!