Tuesday Ten: Christmas Jingles

Hello Lovely,

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in The Bahamas. Well we kinda do, but we don't make a big deal of it. No one decorates for it and there's no holiday for it so it's just an excuse to eat (like we need one). But after Christmas kickoff at my church on Sunday, I'm in a Christmas mood! After getting my hair tangled in Christmas tree trimmings while trying but failing, then trying again and finally succeeding to make a Christmas tree out of the trimmings, the only thing I wanted more was some Christmas music (and maybe a little eggnog).

I've already got a Merry Christmas chalkboard sign on my door at work with a snowman countdown calendar sign waiting for the first day of December to go up! I love Christmas! But even more, I love the clever new music that's coming out. I picked these songs, because the different tempos make me either want to dance or sing along in my best Mariah Carey voice (in my mind I sound exactly like Taylor Swift when I sing). 

Whether you're listening to these songs at your desk at work, in the car or at home while you clean or read my new recipe book, sing your heart out! It's Christmas time, baby!

What are some of your favourite Christmas jams? Are you old-school traditional, or new age modern pop? Maybe you like a little country? We'd love to know. Share your favourites in the comment section below!