Valentine's Day Snack Cup

Hello Lovely,

Today is Valentine's Day! A day when lovers fall in love all over again. But today doesn't have to only be for couples. Because I'm in a long distance relationship. my options are pretty limited on big holidays such as this. So since I can't be with my boyfriend today, I decided to spread the love to my co-workers. I couldn't make a gift for everyone, but I was able to make something for the ones I talk to every day.

I wanted to go the healthy route because I know the first excuse people like to give is, "I'm on a diet". I also wanted it to be really colourful, but without the Valentine's themed M&M's I had to settle for regular milk chocolate M&M's. This mix is the perfect blend of sweet and salty with a crunchy textures all beautifully wrapped in treat bags.

So this mix is light butter popcorn (I couldn't find butter free popcorn) generously coated in white candy melts, topped with mini pretzels, heart healthy mixed nuts and milk chocolate M&M's. I spruced it up with these cute heart printables that have really corny jokes on the back to add some personality to them. These can easily be made and given to someone today. Even if it can't be completely red and white, still try it out. After all, it's the thought that counts!

Who would you like to give one of these snack cups to? Maybe you'd like to make one for yourself! Share your reactions to this gift idea in the comment section below!