We're Looking For Contributors

Hello Lovely,

Are you witty, crafty, or a beast in the kitchen? Do you like to write, take pictures, plan events or teach new skills? We’re looking for the next wave of talented food bloggers, beauty bloggers, review bloggers and photographers who’d be interested in submitting 1-2 articles per week [unpaid]. (Upcoming photographers could get paid assistant positions though). Develop your skills as a writer, and get feedback on how you can improve & grow your blogs audience.

This goes for YouTube vloggers as well! So whether your niche is mommy blogging, book reviews or travel diaries, we want you! Now I don’t need you to send your resume, but there will be a simple interview process to make sure you’re a good fit for the atmosphere here at Life By Olivia (which will more than likely be conducted over brunch, because let's face it, brunch rocks). Just send us links to your social media accounts (especially Pinterest, Blog/Website, and Instagram) either in the comment section below, on the Facebook Page or email me at xxoliviarussellxx@gmail.com. You can even submit your interest over Twitter! I promise that I will read through all submissions and get back to each of you in a timely fashion.

This is your chance to expand your viewer audience and areas of expertise. So what are you waiting for? Apply today!