What-To-Wear-Wednesday: How to Select the Best Costume for You

Hello Lovely,

Picking a Halloween costume can be tough! It’s almost Halloween, and a lot of us still don’t know what we want to be for Halloween. If you google top or popular Halloween costumes, your search will display a variety of types from the geek to the chic, comic, and everything in between!  There are also options for couples. Of course we all know the hottest costume of the season for ladies is Harley Quinn, most recently known from Suicide Squad, maybe even Wonder Woman from Batman vs. Superman. But in order to pick the right costume, it helps to figure out your style.

In this crazy world of options, how can you choose the right costume for you?  Should you go slutty or chic? Cartoon character or movie character? How much should you spend? Relax! Don’t freak out, we’ve got you covered. You can complete this quiz or follow our five easy steps below

  1. Define your style – Scary, Sexy, Geeky, or Strong? It helps to keep in mind where you’ll be wearing this costume. A sexy nurse may not be appropriate at your kid’s trunk or treat.
  2. Consider your interest – comic book, TV show, or movie character
  3. Set a budget – Although you may want to stand out at the party, you don’t want to be eating ramen noodles because you spent part of your rent or gas money on a costume.  Shop around. Thrift stores are your best friend at Halloween time. Set a reasonable budget of up to $40 for a costume.  Remember, you are only wearing this once.
  4. Plan Ahead and Avoid last minute decisions – This often leads to costumes that don’t fit or don’t compliment you or your personality.  Or spending more because stores hiked up the prices closer to the date. Planning ahead will prevent a potential disaster night’
  5. Consider a Group of Couple’s Costume – This will make the experience more inclusive and fun
  6. Get Creative – Makeup can be used instead of a mask and every day at home items can be used instead of store bought.
  7. Consider other factors – comfortable shoes, check the weather
  8. Be Original – Being unique and authentic really stands out!

Considering these 8 easy steps will help you to decide on the best costume for you; whether it’s store bought or DIY. We can’t wait to see wear this season! Share your photos on Instagram with us using the hashtag #SpookyCostumes.